Jaipur Cab Driver Murder Mystery Solved: 10 Deep Dark Secrets Unveiled


    3 Arrested for Cab Driver Murder Case in Jaipur while Cabbies Protested All Day Round…

    The 24-year old Jaipur cab driver Nand Lal Chaudhary, who was allegedly shot in Shyam Nagar three days back took his last breath this Sunday. With his untimely death, all Jaipur cabbies broke into mass protests yesterday. Within a couple of hours, all Uber drivers went on strike and local taxi services were ceased for a day. Under tremendous pressure, Rajasthan police carried out intensive investigations and arrested three culprits for cab driver murder case.

    Here’s what happened after the Uber cab driver was killed in Jaipur.

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    Uber Cab Driver murder case in Jaipur

    10 Things that Have Happened Since the Uber Cab Driver was shot in Jaipur.

    1. 19 January 2017, 12 PM: The three culprits booked a private car from Bais Godam to Bhaankrota. They followed the deceased cab driver Nand Lal Chaudhary (a resident of Tonk) and shot him straight on the stomach. The entire incident took place near Gopalpura Bypass.
    2. When the bleeding driver escaped from the taxi, the alleged offenders fled with his taxi. A bleeding Nand Lal fainted near the divider nearby. Seeing his condition, the locales present on spot called the ambulance and rushed him to the hospital.
    3. Fearing for their life, the offenders left Nand Lal’s card in Manyavas area and fled with the car loot.
    4. The three offender arrested in this case where identified as Vivek Pande (21 years), Krishna Gopal (25 years), Sanjeev aka Sanju (25 years) from Uttar Pradesh. The culprits were living in Shyam Nagar colony, Jaipur. The police recovered 2 desi pistols and 13 bullets from the culprits. One of the culprits Sanjeev was arrested from Uttar Pradesh.
    5. Poor Nand Lal fight for his life for 2-3 days, but he unfortunately succumbed to his injury and lost his life at Jaipuria Hospital yesterday. The cab drivers death in Jaipur was followed by a mass protest launched by fellow drivers who demanded justice and appropriate compensation from the Rajasthan government.
    6. Agitated family members of the deceased and the fellow cabbies prevented the hospital authorities from conducting post mortem. They finally gave their consent last night, after the police explained them the importance of post mortem report in legal proceedings.
    7. After the cab driver was murdered in Jaipur, the fellow Uber drivers raised Rs 2.5 lakhs via crowd funding to help the deceased’s family. Seeing that Nand Lal is survived by his wife and infants, the angered cabbies demanded more money to compensate for their loss.
    8. Following last night’s event, both Uber as well as the Rajasthan Government announced a compensation amount worth Rs 5 Lakh each to the deceased’s family. Now, the Uber cab drivers demand harsh action against the offenders. They’ve requested the government to implement strict security measures to safeguard public transport operators in the city.
    9. The said offenders hatched the conspiracy for Uber cab driver murder at their workplace– Majisa Garment Firm in Kartarpura. Despite working there since a long time, they got measly wages. In short, they were experiencing financial crisis. They hatched this conspiracy to make quick bucks.
    10. After Vivek Pandey and Krishna Gopal purchased illegal weapons from Uttar Pradesh, they initially planned to meet at their employer’s house. Seeing that the police and outraged cabbies were after them like rabid dogs, the offenders fled from spot and decided to move out of the city.

    Nevertheless, as it’s said that no one can escape the clutches of Justice, the three culprits were finally caught and the police is running a case on them. This is how the Uber cab driver murder case in Jaipur was resolved within 72 hours. Now, efforts are being made to implement quick punishment in this case to discourage such incidents from happening in future.


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