Win over your friends in Scrabble with this super eye-popping trick, which you sure didn’t know


    Nobody wants to step out in this deadly winter. We love being curled up in our bedrooms with our friends or first-cousins, gossiping, eating and Oh! not forgetting this one. We love playing indoor games. Don’t you? Be it cards, UNO or Ludo or sometimes intellectual games like Scrabble or Pictionary.

    At home, we play, enjoy and learn the game. Sometimes, though, we cheat in the game to have an edge over the opponent. All in all, we laugh and have a good time pulling legs of each other on their silly mistakes which led them far from victory or simply relish moments of victory. But who would have thought cheating quotient would be taken to another level at a reputed National tournament.

    According to news reports from the national championship which was recently concluded in Orlando, witnessed this eye-washing yet shallowing act of perfidy and cheat.

    Quite amusingly, a very seasoned Scrabble player was caught hiding two blank tiles on the Scrabble board. He was spotted sharply and well in time by her counter part. The counter part who bravely levelled cheating charges on the player suggested that two blank tiles were hid to be used in the next round.

    On being enquired, the player accepted and confessed that he hid tiles so that he could place any letter from the bag onto the Scrabble board. The player was then ousted from the championship with immediate effect.

    Although many players have been ousted from Regional and World tournaments, this is the first time a player from national tournament has been terminated. Well we are spell-bound. Amidst the leisurable game of Scrabble, when perfidy and dishonesty sets in. It spells out a very shallow message in terms of true sportsmanship and self-dignity.

    The notable Orlando tournament ends today. This tournament has come into extreme limelight owing to the player’s ‘Cheating tricks’. But this is utterly awful. Instead of upholding a sportsman spirit, when decorated sportsman breach their rules and game-ethics, it is derogatory.


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