Rahul’s Torn Kurta Became a Sensational Meme Subject for Twitter this Week

Cartoon Rahul Gandhi

Congress VP Rahul Gandhi is a real asset to our nation. After all, it’s really difficult to make people erupt into a fit of giggles, isn’t it? But, Rahul is good at this job. While his fellow party leaders think it’s cruel to target Gandhi for trolls all the time, they don’t know that the poor man brings this on himself. Something similar happened this Monday.

While addressing a rally of workers at ‘Vijay Sankalp’ in Rishikesh, Rahul was slamming PM Narendra Modi for demonetisation. He accused the PM of undermining the RBI’s authority and suppressing the voice of the common men. While doing so, Gandhi went with the flow and held up one the pockets of his kurta saying,

“Mera Pocket phata ho toh mujhe farak nahi padta, lekin Modi ji ka Kapda kabhi nahi phata hoga aur fir bhi woh gareeb ki rajneeti karte hain”.

What Rahul thought was a simple, genuine gesture, didn’t seem realistic to social media users. In any case, it was hard to digest it that the multi-billion heir of Gandhi family can’t afford to get his Kurta mended.

Needless to say, a whole new genre of memes and jokes dedicated to “Rahul’s Torn Kurta” erupted on the social platforms. You have to be living under the rocks if you missed them! In case you did, here’s a flashback of the best memes and comments that took the internet by storm.

Best of Rahul’s Memes this Week

1. When the world wants to know how you ended up in a torn attire?

2. Give this man an award for in-depth research.

3. And we though, for once in life, our beloved Kat made a sensible statement. To our disappointment, it turned out to be another fan ID.

4. Well, Shakespeare was always known for highlighting the brutal truths of the society, isn’t it?

5. Epic timing! That makes sense.

6. Well, at least now we know that Rahul is not popular among the ladies, as well.

7. Count us in! We all are ready to raise funds for a new Kurta.

8. That’s sarcasm at its best.

9. May be because local tailors don’t accept Swiss dollars as payment.

10. Rahul is all set to make his Bollywood Debut.


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