Can Chinese Troops Reach Delhi within 48 Hours? Indians shared a Good Laugh


    Tension amidst India, China and Pakistan is nothing new, considering that all three countries are desperately trying to beat each other at the territorial wars. Moreover, plenty of unresolved issues amidst them gives rise to occasional declarations and jibes every now and them. When India demanded the UN to declare Pakistan as the ‘terrorist country’, China came to the aid of its ailing brother Pakistan. Then, it went on to use the veto against terrorist Masoor Azhar’s ban. Since then, the tension has been escalating between India and China.

    Last Diwali, the Indian government requested the public to boycott China made goods. Resultantly, the Chinese media came up with jabs and comments against the Indians. However, this time one of the Chinese news channel ‘The International Spectator’ claimed more than what their country can actually do.

    They tweeted that should Indo-China war happen, Chinese motorised troop can capture Delhi within 48 hours and the paratroops can capture it within 10 hours. Well, the twitteratis didn’t seem amused by it. Needless to say, the comment backfired on the channel it was mercilessly trolled by Indian users. It won’t be surprising if we see a group of hackers breaking into the channel’s twitter account soon.

    Here’s how the Indians turned this threat into a gala event!

    True! Even the flights are being delayed because of this reason.

    Never mess with a writer. They’re brutally honest.

    When your home-production fails you!

    Beware of the Crazy Girlfriend!

    When the smog affects your power of reasoning and you end up speaking gibberish content online. Yes, we can relate to the tweet made by the Chinese channel now.

    Now this is something that they would actually do!

    How do the Defence Experts see this Move?

    Theoretically it isn’t possible. But, if China can do it, so can India!

    They’ve been trying to cross the Himalayas for ages. How can they forget its existence so soon?

    Despite all these claims, the chances of war between both the countries is very dim. We can’t see that happening anytime sooner.

    So, China may have won the technology war, but we Indians are natural trollers! You just can’t mess with Indian Twitteratis, can you?


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