On Occasion Of Completion Of 3 Years, CM Raje Provided Offerings Of Rs. 280 Crore To Sikar

Vasundhara Raje visits Sikar

On the occasion of completion of 3 years of state government, CM Raje addressed the Sikar public. During the event, CM Vasundhara Raje said that the state government has taken the development works to all sections of the society. In spite of getting the abundance of loans and debts in inheritance, on the basis of efficient financial management, the state is moving progressively on the path of development. Within the span of 3 years, the state has had notable developments which are very apparent. Working with this pace, the state will become the happiest place in the country in coming 2 years.

CM Raje addressed the auspicious rally on the occasion of completion of 3 years of ruling government tenure. She announced the development projects of Rs. 280 crores. in the Sikar district.  She further mentioned that, in spite of many hurdles in these 3 years, state government maintained the growth record of the state. The state ranks number one in many development plans like solar energy production, Bhamashah Yojna, Skill development, sanitation under Swachh Bharat Movement and even cashless economy. Taking public support and affection along, government will cope with all challenges strongly. She also assured that, money is not a concern when it comes to development of the state and all promises of Suraj Sankalp will be fulfilled. In any case, Rajasthan will be the number one state of the country.

CM Raje also announced that under Khumbharam Lift Project, DPR of Rs. 5 crores has been prepared for 865 villages, 6 towns of Sikar district and 321 villages, 6 towns of Jhunjunu district. Due to this, long standing demand of these districts will be fulfilled.

Developmental Works of Rs. 2 thousand and 636 crore in Sikar In Last Three Years:

CM Raje said that, Sikar is the land which has given military soldiers who die for the country. Most soldiers are born in Shekhawati area. In total, a sum of Rs. 2 thousand and 636 crores have been spent on Sikar development works which include Gramin Gaurav Path of Rs. 91 Crores, 33 KV GSS worth Rs. 30 crores, RO plant worth Rs. 12 crore from Fathepur-Lakhmangarh-Dodh and Dataramgarh, construction of many health institutes and Rs. 92 crore on different health facilities, Rs. 317 crore on RSHDP and Rs. 125 crore on RSRDC works are included.

First government to show report card in different districts:

CM Raje also mentioend that, in the history of the state, this is the first government which is providing its report card in every district of the state. She said that, although development within 3 years is rare and difficult but government has tried its best to make best developments in the state.

Cooperation of more than Rs. 1 crore for Jal Swawlamban Abhiyan:

In the event, announcements were made for the donation of Jal Swawlamban Abhiyan which includes Rs. 21 lakh from Khatushyam Ji Temple Trust, Rs. 11 lakh from Mumbai based businessman Shri Moolchand Kumawat, Rs. 21 lakh from DS Group Foundation, New Delhi and Rs. 51 lakh from entrepreneurs association of Ajitgarh area.

On this event, CM Raje also announced of giving help of Rs. 19 lakh to Martyr Nathuram Mahla from Dadiya Rampura area of Shri Madhopura Tehsil. She also mentioned that state is proud of the martyrdom of Martyr Nathuram Mahla. She assured that the state government will give complete support and supplement to the families of martyrs.

Inauguration of exhibition and fair employment:

On the occasion of completion of 3 years, state level exhibition, employment and health fair, cancer awareness and health camp launch were presented to CM Raje. Relief fund was provided to beneficiaries of different programmes and talents of the state were honoured.

Below development works were inaugurated

launch/opening costs

  1. Sewerage projects, Fathepur 57.16 crore

2. Sewerage projects Plan, Fathpur 12.07 crore

3. Smriti Van, Sikar 7.83 crore

4. Subsection Officer, Khandela 2.00 crore

5. Subsection Officer, Ramgarh Shekhawati 2.00 crore

6. Subsection Sub Tehsil, Nechwa 1.75 crore

7. Subsection, Losan 1.75 crore

8. Sadar Police station, Neemkathana, 1.68 crore

9. Eco Tourism Project, Harshnath first phase 1.00 crore

10. Under NULM Rain Basera Construction 0.36 crore


  1. 132 KV Grid sub-section water works
  2. In 9 Nagar Palika of city, 2.5 crore
  3. Full set of urban water scheme 26 crore
  4. Sewerage Plan of MLD STP 120.81 crore
  5. Pyaz Mandi Rasidpur 4.80 crore
  6. Subsection Officer Office, Dodh 2 crore’
  7. Tehsil Dodh 1.75 crore

Total 280.20 crore



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