SP Family Quarrels Settled As Akhilesh Agreed To Most Of The Names Suggested By His Father


Up CM AKhilesh Yadav has won the homely battle of thrones where he has officially been announced as the chief of the party by Election Commission. Party veteran, Mulayam Singh, earlier who was totally against the decision is now conforming with the new standards and realities.

The former party chief had talked about moving to court if he loses the party’s “cycle” sign, but now, his rigid decisions seem shaky as he has handed over the list of 38 candidates to his son. Mulayam Singh wants all these 38 candidates to be included in the party. He has also publically accepted the new flair of Akhilesh in the party.

One political anlyst mentioned that, “The EC’s Monday verdict has not only changed the hierarchy of the powerful Yadav family and SP, but also demolished Akhilesh’s image of being a captive in the hands of his uncles and father”. He also said, “Mulayam’s defence at the poll panel that had started with a bang 15 days ago, ended with a whimper”.

It was also reported that, during Tuesday evening, Akhilesh finalised the list of candidates after meeting SP general secretary ram Gopal Yadav. Hence, the party is all read to announce the candidates for the initial two phases of Up polls during the Wednesday evening.

The early reports says that the previous list of Mulayam Singh will included names of Aditya from Etawah, who is Shivpal’s son. Also, Aparna Yadav, his son’s wife from Lucknow Cantonment.

Mulayam Singh included names of many of his loyalists who favoured him during the four-months of quarrels. This also include Narad Rai, Om Prakash Singh and Shadaab Fatima.

Unlike before, Akhilesh is playing on agreeing mode and agreed to include majority of names from the list which was suggested by his father for party’s final list.


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