Violence Breaks out During Jallikattu Protests that Turn into a Blood Sport


    Jallikattu protest continue in Chennai, 2 Killed, Several Injured, Police Stations Set on Fire. The state government finds it hard to control the situation, Central Forces to arrive soon…

    What started off as a peaceful, silent event broke into an outraged protest within a couple of hours. Jallikattu event in Tamil Nadu gradually transformed into a blood sport that seized two innocent lives yesterday. As Jaillkattu protests continue in Tamil Nadu, violent protestors set police stations on fire, bombarded public places and blocked the major roads in Chennai.

    Chennai: Youngstres and Students during the protest to Lift ban on jallikattu and impose ban on PETA, at Marina Beach in Chennai on Sunday. PTI Photo by R Senthil Kumar(PTI1_22_2017_000171A)

    This is how Jallikattu event turned into a blood sport in Chennai.

    10 Incidents of Violence following Jallikattu Protests in Chennai

    1. 22 January, 6 AM: The standoff between Jallikattu protesters and the Chennai Police on Marina Beach, Chennai started with the protesters waking up to an announcement made by the organising committee. The committee had received a copy of the state ordinance. If all goes well, the state would’ve soon introduced a new Act in the Tamil Nadu state assembly.
    2. However, the protesters demanded a day to study the draft since it didn’t carry any seal of approval or valid signature by the authorities. The police requested Jallikattu protesters to evacuate Marina Beach in a peaceful manner since their purpose of protest had been achieved. However, since the state introduced ordinance was valid for just six months, the protesters demanded a permanent solution to this problem.
    3. A dozen policeman, armed with loudspeakers and batons, entered the protest area and charged on the protesters, who huddled together in defiance. The police had to force them away from the beach, while the protesters started singing the national anthem. Within a few minutes, the mob started shouting ‘Jai Hind’ and ‘Vande Matram’.
    4. By 8 am, the beachfront was evacuated and the protesters walked away with heavy hearts. A few broke into tears and the protest venue was completely dismantled. Aggravated mob turned to city to express their rage.
    5. About 50 mobsters arrived at the Ice House police station and set it on fire. The 15 bikes parked near the parking were caught up in the flames. They hurled stones at the police station that injured 22 policemen in the process.
    6. The protestants charged the police officers appointed at the Parthasarathy Temple arch. They ignited bike tyres and hurled them at the police. Desperate cops had to use teargas to dispense the protestants.
    7. The mob hurled petrol bombs at the Presidency college and attacked several MTC buses throughout the city. Several passengers got injured and the government had to suspend the MRTS trains.
    8. Nearly all major areas of the city experienced dense traffic jam due to the protesters blocking the main roads in OMR (Old Mahabalipuram), East Coast Road (ECR) etc. The school administration messaged the parents and asked them to pick their wards from the school early.
    9. Around 1000 people assembled near Taramani area and voiced their opinions to the public and media. Though the protesters assured that they won’t let political leaders gain momentum from this protest.
    10. Other than Chennai, other cities like Coimbatore and Madurai get caught into this vicious web. The situation become tensed in Tamukkam Ground and Alanganallur. The police detained 300 students from VOC park ground in Coimbatore, from a marriage hall on the Avinashi Road and near MGR roundabout in Trichy.

    The proceedings of the day ended with the state authorities requesting the Centre to employ a special force to help control the situation. As of now, the state government is holding a special session of assembly at 5pm today to amend the provisions of the 1960 Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

    Other than this, both the Centre and the State are trying to exercise control on the situation.


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