Vasundhara Raje’s Reforms Paves Way for Rajasthan’s Road Networks

Rajasthan Road Safety Policy
Rajasthan got its first Road Safety Policy that aims at trimming down accident rates to half by 2020

Rajasthan Road Safety Policy will Control Accidents and Strengthen Security Measures.

CM Vasundhara Raje, buoyed by the success of her 3-year rule this year is on the quest to revamp Rajasthan’s existing road transport system. Road safety is an important matter of concern for the government today. Rajasthan is a state that enjoys superior living standards. Therefore, the occupants naturally move towards owning personal transport. The number of vehicles fleeting across the city increases on a routine basis. Also, being the largest state in India, Rajasthan takes pride in its never-ending highways. In this scenario, developing a concrete Rajasthan Road Safety Policy is a must.

On November 29, Rajasthan CM called in a meeting with state cabinet ministers to reflect upon the status of road transportation in the state. Raje took firm decisions to ensure pedestrian safety and prevent accidents in state. Consequently, Rajasthan will soon receive its first substantial Road Safety Policy that will be implemented in all districts, cities and villages.

CM Vasundhara Raje Rajasthan Road Safety Policy
The CM, along with Transport Minister Yunus Khan and district collectors will regularly inspect the status of roads

Rathore Laid Down Key Points on Rajasthan Road Safety Policy

Quoting the tragic incidents of 2015, State Parliamentary Affairs Minister Rajendra Rathore informed the media, “Total 20,201 accidents took place in Rajasthan last year, wherein 8,733 people lost their lives and 22,255 people were injured“.

  • State to Cut Down Accidental Ratio to Half by Improving Road Infrastructure

Keeping aforementioned figures in mind, the government aims to reduce number of accidental deaths to 50% before 2020. Accordingly, state government has created a comprehensive road policy covering major institutional, legal and financial aspects. They intend to strengthen old-age infrastructure to accommodate more vehicles on road.

  • Dedicated Fund for Road Safety

About 25% of the money accumulated from traffic chalans will be transferred to a ‘Dedicated Road Safety Fund’. This amount will likely be used in highway patrolling, medical aids and emergency services.

Rajasthan Road Policy Road Repair
A Road Safety Council will be appointed to improve existing road infrastructure.
  • Government to Identify Accident-Prone Black Spots

Rajasthan PWD and Transport departments will identify accident-prone areas to revamp road infrastructure as per international norms.

  • Old Vehicles will be Gradually Phased Out

Conventional vehicles contributing to air pollution will be phased out by the authorities to improve air quality in high-traffic cities. Moreover, all means of transport will be inspected for safety standards on a regular basis.

  • Other Provisions Included in Rajasthan’s Road Safety Policy

A State Road Safety Council will be appointed under Transport Minister Yunus Khan. The members of this committee will look after policy implementation in state. At district level, its operations will be handled by collectors.

They will cover major aspects like Road Safety Information database, parking policies, driver training, road safety education and training, regular audits and patrols, intelligent transport system, emergency medical aid, quality public transport and help lines for reporting emergencies.

Generating awareness on road safety and creating a sensible Road Safety Policy is a commendable move by Raje government. This will help control increasing problems on highways and roads.


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