Rahul, not Nitish, to be alliance’s PM choice – Riled Congress’s Statement


Demonetisation has brought a flair of rile in the oppositions. On one side, where some rivals are making  sheer oppose of the decision, some of them are playing on neutral grounds to make them appear rational. Recently, Congress has mentioned the statement that, there can be only one prime ministerial candidate from the side of alliance. As per the party’s notions, Nitish Kumar’s involvement in the “secular camp” on the matter of currency ban is for framing his image as a judicious candidate for the elections of 2019.


Congress is furious over JD chief’s unexpected response on the debatable matter of demonetisation run by BJP government. There is prevailing anger and concern among the congress which has turned the party into a protest mode. Seeing Nitish Kumar’s previous instances of switching among two opulent parties of the country, his current decision of staying with PM Modi’s nationalistic policy allowing Congress to give frown looks to him.

An eminent congress leader mentioned that, “We lay great store by this protest against the currency ban. It is led by Rahul Gandhi and we have suffered a setback from one of our trusted leaders. We are hurt”.

As per the Congress’s opinions, Kumar has very well disguised himself as a maverick and is presenting himself for the pole position for the Lok Sabha elections. In such case, he may emerge as the head of “regional parties or third front”.

Also, a senior party member of the Congress said,” But two leaders of the same alliance — Rahul and Kumar — cannot be the contenders for Bihar votes”.


Lalu Prasad was all prepared to alert the alliance partner about Kumar’s blooming self-sufficiency which is aiming towards a favour to BJP. All this came into existence after Lalu Prasad made a telephonic conversation with Sonia Gandhi and alerted about Nitish’s dubious behaviours..

Also, there are no two views on the fact that, Nitesh is also preparing to distance himself from Lalu Prasad and is all set to represent himself as an ideal option for 2019 Elections.


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