Tamil Nadu CM O Panneerselvam  Comes To Rescue Of Jallikattu Event


On Friday, Tamil Nadu CM O Panneerselvam assured that he would be inaugurating the event. He mentioned to the reporters after his meeting with PM Narendra Modi that, “As per your wish, it will happen”.

A draft ordinance from the state government has been delivered to the home ministry to remove the Jallikattu ban.

He mentioned it like, “After getting necessary approvals from the ministries of home, law and environment, forests and climate change, it will be forwarded to President Pranab Mukherjee for his consent”.

Though, the chief minister has also signalled about getting president’s approval by coming Saturday.

He promptly mentioned that, “Good news about ordinance will come in a day or two, as per the wishes of Tamils across the world. Jallikattu will happen in the state for sure. I am happy to state that ‘vaadivasal’ (the gateway to the jallikattu venue) will let the bulls run”.

Tamil Nadu native consider Jallikattu as a favourite sport and ban on it has caused an air of rage in the state. Despite the CM has assured about the removal of the ban, people in Chennai are continuing with the violence-free protest. The black dress clad protestors scrawled towards Marina Beach, bullock carts and minivans. Major protestors are women and children.

DMK even announced that party MLAs and MPs will move out for hunger strike on Saturday.

To this matter, Stalin mentioned, “The rail roko by DMK cadres across Tamil Nadu went off without any problem and violence. The announcement made by Panneerselvam is a victory for the students. But it is not enough. The AIADMK government must start taking all steps to hold the jallikattu in the state”.

he further added, “The party will support the protest by students and youngsters till the vadivasal is opened and the bulls start coming out”.


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