Rajasthan Employment Fair: Government Bestows Flourishing Employment Opportunities on the Youngsters


    Nothing in the world is free, for money doesn’t grow on the trees“.

    The irony is that all necessary materials required for the survival of the human race carries a price tag. Even education, which is regarded as the key to leading a successful life is worth a penny. Therefore, it’s essential for the government to provide a means of livelihood to empower the youngsters of the nation. It serves 4 major purposes:

    • Prevents brain drain to foreign countries due to lack of opportunities,
    • Enables the youth with essential life skills using which, they can make money to pay for their needs,
    • Reduces criminal activities in the society and
    • Strengthens the national economy.

    Keeping these goals in mind, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje put in relentless efforts in the ‘Skill and Livelihoods Development’ mission. The idea was to empower the youth with practical skills that help generate lucrative opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship in the state.

    The massive success of this endeavour is evident from the fact that Rajasthan has won the Centre’s ‘skill development award’ two times in a row. As Rajasthan enjoys the sweet fruits of its labour, Raje government organised the employment fair at S.S. Jain Subodh PG college today. This mega-employment event was organised in collaboration with the sub-regional employment office and the district administration of Jaipur.

    The ostentatious Rajasthan employment fair was organised by the Skills, Employment and Entrepreneurship Department at the state level. This one-day fair was inaugurated by Jaswant Singh Yadav, the labour minister of Rajasthan today morning. Esteemed personalities like mayor Ashok Lahoti and MP Ram Charan Bohra were present on the occasion.

    Rajasthan Employment Divulged Details on Key Sectors of Employment

    About 80 institutions in public, non-government and private sectors participated in the employment fair to provide employment-related information to the youth. Important topics like government run welfare schemes, self-employment options, new job opportunities in the market, training programmes, etc were covered in the fair. The company heads offered professional guidance to youngsters at the stalls.

    The chief objective behind organising the fair was to provide exposure to college students. This opportunity will prepare them for campus selections and interviews ahead. Thus, the youngsters can kick start their career in the right direction. The experts also relayed information on unemployment allowance and self-employment/entrepreneurship opportunities available in the country. Needless to say, the fair received an overwhelming response by local students as well as the youth coming from neighbouring cities.

    Employment provides the income to live a lifestyle, at your own costs. With every paycheque that one gets, he or she earns confidence, control and independence in life. In time, the youth build up competencies to sharpen their professional skills and learn new skills as they progress ahead in life. Knowing this, the government plans to make Rajasthan a employee-friendly state.



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