Rose Day: Why you Should Gift Roses to Your Loved Ones?


    There’s nothing more classically romantic than a bouquet of sweet-smelling roses. Whether it’s birthday, anniversary, proposals, weddings or Valentine’s Day, roses are perfect way to express your feeling. These beautiful flowers signify desires, passions and love. Perhaps, that’s why the world celebrates Valentines week with Rose Day on February 7.

    Here’s everything you need to know about roses and Rose Day.

    Why is it customary to give a dozen (12) roses on Valentine’s Day?

    The number 12 stands for the complete cycle of time. It denotes 12 zodiacs, 12 hours and 12 months. The number also has deep religious and mythological meanings. Therefore, people hand out a bouquet comprising of 12 roses to their loved ones.

    5 Reasons why you Should Give Roses to your Girlfriend/Boyfriend…

    It’s because–

    1. An exquisite arrangement of roses conveys a meaningful message without any words. If you’re the shy type, you can use these flowers to confess your feeling.
    2. A rose is often seen as the ‘Flower of Passion’. It expresses intense love, desire, attraction and excitement in a relationship. Therefore vibrant roses state an underlying declaration of love.
    3. Roses have a unique fragrance of their own. They can brighten someone else’s day as well as yours.
    4. In western culture, giving roses is seen as a gesture for thanking others.
    5. Since each rose has a different meaning, you can blend multi-coloured roses to say different things together.

    The Hidden Meaning Behind Different Roses…

    1. Red: Being a classic colour of love, ‘red’ denotes deep love, passion and desires. Therefore, people propose their better halves with a bouquet of red roses.
    2. Orange: A bright, curious and energetic colour, orange roses represent fascination. If you wanna ask the girl next door to a date, you can gift her a bouquet of orange roses.
    3. Light Pink: A sweet, feminine and bubbly colour, light pink roses represent a woman’s elegance.
    4. Dark Pink: These blossoms signify appreciation and gratitude. Thank your parents and siblings for their support, with a bouquet of dark pink roses.
    5. Salmon: This shade is darker than peach and lighter than orange. Salmon flowers are the best way to request for physical intimacy, as they express desire and excitement.
    6. Peach: These blushing beauties represent delicate modesty. A perfect gift for teen love!
    7. White: Pearly white roses stand for innocence, purity, spirituality and sympathy. The underlying message is ‘a heart unacquainted with love’. Therefore, white roses often find their way to condolence ceremonies, Christian weddings and religious ceremonies.
    8. Creamy white: Creamy white or ‘ivory’ colour indicates thoughtfulness and charm. Hence, a bride always carries ivory roses to aisle.
    9. Yellow: Being a bright and happy colour, yellow roses stand for good health and happiness.
    10. Purple: The violet shade represents enchantment or fascination.
    11. Burgundy Roses: A deeper, darker and subtle colour, burgundy roses denote ‘unconscious beauty’. Gift them to a lady who doesn’t realize her hidden beauty.
    12. Green Roses: Green colour stands for ‘freshness and revival. Green roses mean a rejuvenation of the spirit of love.

    If you’ve countless feelings to share, just mix and match various shades and surprise your ‘special someone’ with beautiful blossoms.


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