Raje at Udaipur: ‘Rajasthan Pioneers in Development of Key Sectors’


Addressing a public rally organized to mark ‘Suraaj’ in Rajasthan that is successful completion of three years of government, CM Vasundhara Raje presented the report card for Rajasthan. Despite empty treasury, an outstanding debt worth Rs. 2 lakh crores and social challenges obstructing its path, Raje government overcame all difficulties to guide Rajasthan towards success. As a result of her relentless efforts, Rajasthan emerged as a forerunner in key sectors including skill development, cashless society, solar power and rainwater harvesting. This newfound accomplishment has helped Rajasthan address major challenges like power theft, currency crisis, water scarcity, unemployment and poor health condition.

How Rajasthan Fared in Last Three Years?

Rajasthan Before:

It’s really commendable that Raje government had successfully accomplished 73% of the goals they had outlined for 5 years. When they started off three years back in 2013, roads were in miserable condition. Villages were cut off from the urban centres and secondary schools lacked proper facilities for education. Some schools didn’t have teachers whereas others didn’t have students. Hospitals lacked medicinal facilities, youths were unemployed, farmers experienced water scarcity and mortality rates were rapidly increasing with each day.

Rajasthan After:

When Raje government took charge in 2013, they focused on the basic necessities that affect standards of living in state. Accordingly, they set up ‘aadarsh’ and ‘uthkirsht’ secondary schools in each gram panchayat and issued Bhamashah cards to empower women and promote cashless transactions. They launched Bhamashah swaasthya beema yojana to provide free treatment and medicines.

5000 Annapurna Bhandars (rural malls) were established all over Rajasthan to improve nutritional standards. These rural malls successfully transformed the ration supply chain in Rajasthan. Not only this, the government provided interest free loans to farmers via Kisan Credit Cards. Shramik cards were issued to labourers and Rs. 3,000 to Rs. 50,000 were awarded to sagacious girl child to ensure quality education.

Raje government launched MJSA (jal swavlamban) to supply every drop of rain water to remote areas for irrigation purpose. Earlier, Rajasthan had 295 black zones. Following the completion of MJSA phase I, water tables have elevated in 50 dark zones. The government plans to continue with this project. The idea is to transform all 295 zones into fertile, well-irrigated areas.

Not only this, a few of Raje government’s historic steps were largely applauded by the public as well as the Centre, especially e-auction of mineral resources, the Annapurna Rasoi (mobile vans serving healthy breakfasts at Rs. 5 per plate and lunch/dinner at Rs. 8 per plate). They’ve also announced 500 new blue line buses under state transport corporation.

The government plans to embark on new initiatives on improving road connectivity. They’d already spent a massive scheme on infrastructure development and welfare schemes. The transformation is evident on ground.

While addressing the public in Gandhi ground, Wednesday, Raje announced new development projects in Udaipur and surrounding regions. The CM is confident that her plans would help transform the face of Udaipur in the near future.

“Rajasthan has experienced a massive transformation in last three years than Madhya Pradesh and Gujarat. Since people had voted us to power, it’s our duty to keep our promises. We promise to boost the existing standards of living in state. We would lead the state on path of progress.”, the CM claimed.

With this, we the CM concluded her speech. Considering her plans for Udaipur, we can see the ‘City of Lakes’ accomplishing new heights under her visionary leadership.


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