Rajasthan Govt inks MoU with Stanford University to digitalise medical education


On Dec 14th, Rajasthan Government entered into a tripartite MoU with Stanford University and Antara Foundation. This MoU revolves around the vision of improve health outcomes by capacity building of health manpower at the field level.

Another feather in Raje’s hat. A game changer, indeed!

The main objective of MoU is mutual cooperation for increased access to Medical Education through providing digital products (course contents and e-books). This has been conceptualised under the purview of Digital knowledge Enhancement Program, a program initiated by the Stanford University and Antara Foundation.

The program will commence with its maiden training session at Jhalawar Medical College. The primary audience will constitute of medical students, health workers and health professionals. The scope of target audience will be gradually broadened. The larger audience will include:

  • Medical Officers and Health Care workers at peripheral health stations.
  • Medical teachers for training medical officers.
  • ASHA and other similar workers.
  • Nursing Staff and technicians.

Technical collaboration for developing customized and localized learning products. The initial focus will be on maternal health, child health, emergency Medicine, cancer and lifestyle illnesses.

The digital learning will be further enhanced by classroom discussions, peer group reviews and interactive sessions. Training material will be initially focused on protocols and Standard Operating Procedures encompassing the following:

  • Simple measures for early diagnosis of high-risk Ante-natal cases and their timely referral to the higher centre, if peripheral health facilities are unable to perform it.
  • Standard operating procedures for labour room and delivery, to ameliorate maternal and child mortality.
  • Training material for peripheral health workers for their capacity building for early diagnosis and management and timely referral generating awareness among the community.
  • Developing investigation ease out the process of mother and child health care.

The State Government, Stanford University and Antara Foundation exchanged vows to ensure smooth implementation throughout the program. The State Government has vowed to appoint a Nodal Officer to represent the Department. It shall also formulate a proper system to monitor and review the outcomes of the program. It shall also constitute a State Advisory Committee for evaluation and innovation.

The Stanford University would contribute efforts to develop, customize and provide digital products (e-books, digital training material and the like). It shall also organise training, provide access or co-create marketing material and participate in Project Advisory Committee. Most importantly, Stanford will use its own financial resources or arrange capital from outside.

Plethora of steps have been thoughtfully planned and meticulously implemented under the exemplary governance of Raje.

The Antara foundation will fulfil the purpose of conducting On-ground data collection, rollout, evaluate program and suggest modifications in the program. It would also participate in the Advisory Committee. Antara will work closely with the Department of Medical Education, guide the staff and also render knowledge and expertise.

As the MoU will gradually enter the second phase, the program will entail training of field level functionaries like ASHA and ANM, the Direrctorate of Medical and Health and ICDS would form part of the core group to execute the mandate.

Indeed, Rajasthan is treading on the path of success in all realms of development. Clearly, Health and Medical Education has been the key areas for the Raje Government.

Rajasthan is now grooving to a different rhythm in Health and medical zones. It is riding high in the face of Urbanisation and lifestyle enhancement. Purposeful policies clubbed with thoughtful planning and continuous monitoring has been a major takeaway from the impeccable governance of Raje.


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