Rahul Gandhi’s Paroxysm About Nation’s Concern “He Has Information On Corruption By The PM”


Demonetisation has brought a flair of protest for Congress. They have not left any aspect untouched in defaming PM Modi for taking the decision of demonetisation. Yesterday, Rahul Gandhi came with another paroxysm about nation’s concern.

Rahul Gandhi downrightly said, “he has information on corruption by the PM”. He also said, PM Modi is “horrified” and because of this, he is not letting him speak anything in parliament.

Rahul Gandhi said it like,

“I have information on the PM that will burst his bubble. I have personal information about the PM. And he is terrified of it. It’s about personal corruption of the PM”.

From last few days, Rahul is constantly alleging that scrapping of higher value notes is a “matter of scam and a war on the poor”.

Rahul is continuously seeking answers from PM Modi about the cash crunch after currency ban of November 8.

Rahul’s words were like, “This is a democracy and he owes the country an explanation. He can’t keep running away to pop concerts”. He referred his statement towards Coldplay concert.

Gandhi also said, PM is terrified to face the opposition, because of which he is regularly impeding Lok Sabha sessions. “For a month, the whole Opposition has been wanting a debate in the Lok Sabha, but the government and the PM don’t want it. The PM cannot keep running away from a discussion in the Lok Sabha,” Rahul mentioned, adding that the PM also “can speak in the debate for as long as he wants.”

rahul-gandhi-pic2It’s not new for Rahul to erupt with these kind of shocking statements, he has been doing it from very start of demonetisation. But, they all seem like a void blusters as he has not presented anything apart from words till now.

As this time, he appeared even more confident about his statements. We are just waiting to see some proofs behind his statements.


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