Rajasthan Government Proposed 125 Crores Budget for Cow Shelters


To Prevent the Recurrence of Tragic Incidents like Hingonia, Rajasthan Government Prioritized Cow and Cattle on their To-Do-List.

The tragic Hingonia incident, where hundreds of cows in government-run shelters, lost their life due to starvation came as a direct blow to Rajasthan government. For a party that prides itself in Hindu traditions and cow protection, it was an embarrassing and unacceptable situation for Rajasthan BJP. Amidst opposition’s accusations and counter-attacks, Raje government decided to brace for future challenges. To prevent deaths and injuries to cows, the government set up a Cow Protection Fund. Moreover, they’ve tweaked cattle regulations, as per current requirements. By taking this step, government aims to promote animal husbandry as a secondary source of income in state.

Cow Protection Funds will Provide for Stray Cattle

Funds raised from cess, stamp duty charges and donations (centre funding, NGOs, private donations and trusts) will be transferred to Rajasthan cow protection fund. This money will be utilized and managed by state cow husbandry department. As of now, government aims to collect total Rs. 125 crore for this purpose. Using this money, government will finance state-run cattle houses, bull shelters and Kaanji house. It’ll cover food, fodder, vaccination, milk collection, medicines, disaster management, audits and other expenses associated with cattle.

Separate Advisory Committees Appointed at District Level will Manage Funds & Operations

A separate committee headed by collectors will be appointed in each district to monitor efficient flow of cash and resources. It’ll include treasury officer, Zila Parishad CEOs, Deputy directors and joint directors of cow husbandry department. The committee will look after funding, management and smooth operations of government owned animal shelters in various cities, towns and villages.

With this step, government has effectively managed to slam the haters who’ve been targeting the government on Hingonia incident. If all goes well, we will seen healthy cattle being raised in state. This is a remarkable achievement for Rajasthan, which is the second largest state in terms of milk production in India.


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