Demonetisation Affects Tourism: Rajasthan Government Pitched Online Bookings to Boost Income

Rajasthan Tourism

Online Ticketing Boosts by 800 Times due to Tax-Free Transactions, this Tourism Season…

Tourism is an important sector for economy in Rajasthan. Being the largest state in India, Rajasthan’s colourful culture, historical heritage, lip-smacking cuisine and unique arts lure in travellers from all four corners of the world. Tourism season in Rajasthan begins from October and lasts until March. November, which is packed with biggies like Pushkar Mela and Rajasthan Heritage Festival, is the most visited time of the year. These local festivities bring in surplus income for state. This year, Centre’s demonetisation had put a damper on tourism activities in Rajasthan. Nonetheless, Raje government, determined to support PM Modi’s decision, took appropriate measures to mollify demonetisation effects on tourism industry.

Vat-free PoS and micro ATMs, loan settlement extensions were calculated steps implemented to combat currency crisis in the market.

Online ticketing

Online Tourism Bookings Boost by 800 Times Post Demonetisation

The world-famous Pushkar fair organized last month was not as bright and swarming as the government expected. Foreigners and local tourists were unable to participate in local festivities due to cash crunch. Seeing the downward transgression of tourism graph at Pushkar, Raje government was determined to change this fact.

In an attempt to promote tourism activities in state, the Centre had exempted taxes on online ticketing. Consequently, airfare, railway tickets and public transportation charges declined over time. This came as a blessing in disguise for Rajasthan government that received heavy incoming traffic from neighbouring states.

Cashless Shoping

Earlier the authorities received complaints regarding long queues outside tourism windows, ticket counters and foreign currency exchange offices. Now that government has made cashless transactions tax free, more number of tourists switched to online bookings. Needless to say, Rajasthan tourism department’s latest reports reveal that tourist attractions like Jantar Mantar and Amber Fort received more than the usual number of vacationers this year. On November 15, Jantar Mantar was credited with having highest number of bookings, which was 716.

Even the occupants of rural regions are more inclined towards online bookings now.

Thus, by placating tax regulations on cashless transactions, Rajasthan has set a remarkable example for other states. Rather than siding with other politicians in protests and rallies, Rajasthan BJP led by CM Raje devised ways to ease the demonetisation brunt on citizens. Hopefully, we expect the CM to come up with similar innovative solutions for farmers and small-scale busienssmen.


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