Rajasthan BJP to observe February 11 as Cashless Day. And This Is Just A Headstart

BJP Cashless Rajasthan

Amidst the digital drive pioneered by BJP, a galaxy of transformational facets have been ushered in the face of digitization. These changes were inculcated not only at the Centre level but the states too followed the digitization suit. A plethora of reformatory moderations have been integrated into the cash transaction system, thereby bolstering the Centre’s indomitable vision of “Cashless India” and “Digital India”.

In a bid to contribute towards the centre’s vision, the proactive government of Rajasthan state has announced it’s decision to turn fully cashless on February 11. The state BJP will observe February 11 as Samarpan Diwas which is also the death anniversary of Deendayal Upadhyaya, one of the founders of the Jana Sangh.

Samarpan Diwas will be organized at all the districts in the state. Not only this, the party will also collect contribution from workers and well-wishers towards party fund on this day to escort the initiative of transparency in political funding, as has been highlighted in the Union Budget 2017 by Finance Minister Arun Jaitley.

BJP president Ashok Parnami informed that the party fund collection on February 11 will be fully cashless.

Parnami said, “We will not collect any contribution by way of cash on that day. All contribution has to be either in the form of cheque or cashless transactions.”

He added, “As per the new provision, political parties can accept contribution in the form of cash up to Rs 2,000 but we are not accepting any cash on the Samarpan Diwas as the party thinks it has to lead from the front in the effort towards cleaning up political funding of black money initiated by Prime Minister.”

“I have given direction to all the district units not to accept any contribution in cash,” said the state president.

When enquired if this phenomenon will be followed in longevity, Parnami  spelled out that this is just the beginning. He said that the party will always encourage cashless transactions, regardless of uncountable hurdles and setbacks which they might have to face on the road ahead.

Lately, it has become customary for Congress to poke their nose into every positive development. In light of this positive move initiated by State BJP, Congress immaturely followed it’s ritual. Congress spokesperson Archana Sharma said, “It is nothing but a publicity stunt. The BJP is doing it to divert attention from the failed demonetization.”

She asked how the party workers in rural areas could pay where such cashless payment options are not available.

Well, rural areas are progressing towards the cashless society. Until and unless any change does not become imperative for a person, he would never switch to it. The State BJP move will contribute towards strengthening Center’s conviction of making Rural India cashless. The journey has just started, folks. Well, atleast for Rajasthan.


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