Rahul v/s Modi –  Battle Continues Over Demonetisation

Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi

Congress Vice-president is ceaselessly giving his introduction as naive politician putting unsound claims on PM Modi related to demonetisation. He said, it is ingenious “method” fabricated by the “super planner” Narendra Modi to “snatch money from the poor and channelize it to the super rich”.

Gabhi spoke at Fatorda at a state level function arranged by the state unit of the congress party. It was a Jan Jagruti Yatra function and Rahul spoke for 30 minutes covering the matter of demonetisation and labelled it as “attack” upon the common man.

Gandhi said, “This demonetization drama is not an exercise against black money. It’s an attack on 99% of honest Indians, an attack on the cash economy, an attack on powerless people of India”.

Rahul vs Modi Battle Continues on Demonetisation

During his speech, Mr. Gandhi made a trail of accusations on PM Modi for the demonetisation scheme. In this attempt, Gandhi volunteered to unleash some truths behind demonetisation and black money.

Gandhi mentioned “All cash is not black money, and all black money is not cash”. He explained his twisted sentence further saying, black money majorly lies in the hands of “those 50 families, those 1 percent of India’s population” and not with the remaining 99 percent of Indians. He did not name any of these families and said that “these are the people who fly to foreign land alongwith Modi and strike business deals.”

As per him, six percent of black money is equipped with cash and 94 percent black money is locked in real estate, overseas banks and gold. He also said that PM Modi is aware of this fact and during the last election campaign Modi did not speak much about black money. Digging deeper into the country’s welfare discussion, Gandhi questioned on PM Modi’s promise of bringing back the black money back into people’s accounts.

But, we must not forget the saying, “If a problem or situation comes to a head, it reaches a point where action has to be taken”. Rahul must not forget that, only after serving difficult situations, one can completely come out of the bog of black money.


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