Rajasthan BJP Determined to Deliver Promises Before Upcoming State Assembly Elections


In a state level meeting conducted on Friday, Rajasthan BJP youth front President directed workers to work in favour of public interest, with a positive approach towards life.

Rajasthan BJP is committed to deliver all promises before the upcoming State Assembly Elections in 2019. This Friday, all regional leaders and party workers participated in a meeting chaired by BJP office in-charge Mukesh Chailawat and the newly appointed BJP youth front President Ashok Saini. The topic of discussion was how to inculcate positive thinking in party workers. Encouraging the audience present on this occasion, Chailawat directed Team BJP to deliver direct details and benefits of government scheme to the common man. The members had a quick discussion on key matters in hand. The outcome of the meeting is as following

  • Party Workers to Brace up for 2018

President Ashok Saini thanked district officers and bureaucrats for handing him this opportunity to serve the state. He inspired the party members to deliver excellent performances in their respective constituency and asked them to involve more like-minded candidates in this drive.

Aiming for a huge landslide victory in next state assembly elections, Saini asked team BJP to achieve all targets set for next few months.

  • Ostentatious Celebrations for National Youth Day

National Youth Day is observed on veteran philosopher Late Vivekanand’s birth anniversary that is 12th January. Saini directed officers to observe ostentatious celebrations on this occasion. BJP plans to organize a regional festival for tribal communities living in Udaipur division. They aim to include 10 thousand youths in this drive. The idea is to hold an exhibition displaying projects achieved by state youths.

Additionally, Saini announced that party will observe meetings in each district from 25 to 28 December. The meetings will be held to discuss the status of various tasks and projects in hand.

  • New Appointments in State

To strengthen the structure of Youth Front, Saini appointed the following members in Team Rajasthan:

  • Jaipur: Dharma Daugur and Narendra Katara,
  • Jodhpur: Ajit Mandan and Amit Goyal,
  • Ajmer: Nidhi Shekhar and Rajesh Gurjar,
  • Udaipur: Gajpal Singh and Shravan Singh Rav,
  • Bikaner: Priyanka Baalan,
  • Kota: Naresh Ojha and Mahendra Singh Shekhawat,
  • Bharatpur: Manoj Nambardaar and Shravan Singh Bagdi.

After making necessary preparations, BJP youth front is prepared to meet all the future challenges.


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