Raje Government Completes 3 Years of Tenure – CM Made Important  Announcements In Jodhpur For Farmers and Students


Mukhyamantri Skill Grant Scheme Will Start With New Year

On December 17, 2016, CM Vasundhara Raje mentioned in her speech that developing skills of state youth is their foremost priority. For this, from January 1st, 2017, Mukhyamantri Kaushal Anudaan Yojna (Skill Grant Scheme) will be initiated. Under this scheme, youths will be provided loan for up to Rs. 1 lakh and state government will be giving grant on interest for up to 4 to 6 percent.

On  completion of 3 years of Vasundhara government, CM Raje addressed the crowd in Jodhpur while inaugurating many new schemes. She made several announcements related to youths, women, education, roads, water and infrastructure.

For farmers’ help, agriculture and revenue workers will get the tablets

CM Raje also announced that, tablets will be provided to Patwari, Girdawar, agriculture supervisors, to provide the maximum benefits to farmers of the state. Also, the agriculture and revenue record will be completely computerised. She also said that, in whole state, with the help of Rs. 27.62 crore, 250 tablets will be provided.

Cities will be equipped with Mukhyamantri Jan Kalyan Shivir

CM Raje also said that, with taking the notion, “sabka saath, sabka vikas”, along, in coming years, jan Kalyan Shivir will be arranged in cities. These campaigns will resolve the residential and commercial issues. Also, in these campaigns, documentation will be done for the residents and houses. Also, in the circumference, for the khatedari land, documentation for up to 500 square meter will be done.

3 years are better than 5 years

CM Raje pointed the fact that, the government has accomplished the work in 3 years which previous government could not do in even 5 years. Developments have been done in rural areas. On the potable water, state government has spent Rs. 13 thousand crores, in comparison to previous government, when only 12 thousand and 225 crore amount was spent in total 5 years. Also, the farmers have been given loans of Rs. 45 thousand and 691 crore. Previous government spent around Rs. 6 thousand crore on road work, and raje government has spent more than Rs. 12 thousand crore.

State government excels in ITI and Skill development

CM Raje highlighted that, skill development and Bhamasjhah Yojna has been praised in entire country. Total 1870 ITIs have been established in Rajasthan. From thios pount of view, Rajasthan stands first in the number of ITIs. Rajasthan is the first state to have Skill development colleges. First college will be i Jamdoli, Jaipur and 2nd will be in Mahendra SEZ, Jaipur.

We do not prefer politics, we prefer development

CM Raje has clearly said that, in contrary to previous government, they just want to focus on development and not on any kind of politics. She mentioned the fact that, previous government, invested heavily in drinking water schemes, like manaklaw-Dantiwada, devaniya- Nathudau and Narmada F.R. They spent Rs. 180 crore on that and still the schemes are not completed. In contrary, raje government spent Rs. 1116 crore on 4 schemes and 492 villages are benefitted from it.

For better future, education have been improved

CM raje highlighted that, education had a bad facet before their tenure. Under CM raje government, 13 lakh new admissions have introduced. She also said that, 9, 895 new schools have been established.

For Jodhpur Development, Rs. 11 thousand and 649 crore  has been spent last 3 years

Cm Raje mentioned that, Jodhpur development has been their top priority. In total, Rs. 11, 640 crore have been spent on city development. Also, on water supply schemes, in total, Rs. 2455 crore have been spent. Resultantly, 483 main villages, 342 dhaani and 2 cities are getting clean drinking water. Also, the work on Jodhpur-Bar-Bilara road will start soon. On this, Rs. 1250 crore will be spent. Jodhpur-nagour work is on development with Rs. 682 crore expense. Also, Jodhpur-Pokaran is going on with the expense of Rs. 212 crore. Also, under Pradahmantri Gram Sadak Yojna, a total of Rs. 184 crore have been spent. Also, under Mukhyamantri Jan Awas Yojna, in Angnawa and Tanawara, more than 1650 shelters are in construction. A total of Rs. 963 crore will be spent on this project.

A sum of Rs. 25 crore on Jodhpur road constructions

 CM raje has announced that a sum of Rs. 25 crore will be spent on construction of roads. He also said that, from religious point of view, Jodhpur-Ramdevra road will be constructed as soon as possible. Also, the 103 km. long Jodhpur bypass construction has been approved by centre. On this, nearby Rs. 1500 crore will be spent. She also mentioned Annapurna Rasoi Yojna, in which breakfast and lunch for Rs. 5 and Rs. 8 will be provided.

Laws will be made for cow conservation

CM Raje mentioned that, cow saving is the responsibility of all of us.  She mentioned that, people do not take care of cows much, which is very disturbing. CM Raje also said that, they are going to make amendments for saving of cows and improvement of cow shelters. Rajasthan is the first state which is working in this direction.

Inaguration of Exhibition and Employment fair

CM Raje also inaugurated state level exhibition of employment fair and cancer awareness and health campaign. Also, on this occasion, she distributed the helping amount to different schemes.

Inauguration of developmental work of Rs. 295 crore

On the occasion of completion of 3 years, CM raje inaugurated the developmental work of Rs. 295 crore. Also, in the 2nd phase of Mukhyamantri Jal Swawlamban Abhiyan, she inaugurated the work of Nolakha Bawri.

On this occasion P.P. chaudhary, P.hd.  Minister Mr. Surendra Goyal, Mr. Shrichand Kriplani, Gajendra Singh, Mr. Amraram, Pushpendra Singh, Kamsa Meghwal, Shambu Singh Khetasar, Mr. Bheralal Siyol, Mr. Laduram Vishnoi, Gajendra Singh Shekhawat, Mr. Ramnarayn Dudi, Mr. NARAYN panchariya, Mr. punaram chaudhary, Mr, Ghansahym Ojha,  JDA chief Mr. Mahendra singh rathore, Meghraj Lohiya, C.P. Tayson, Kailash Bhansali, Suryaknta Vyas, Mr, Babu singh rathore, Mr, jogaram patel, Mr. Pabbram vishnoi and Arhunlal garg, along with representatives, were present in big number.


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