CM Vasundhara Raje at Jodhpur: “We’re Here for Work not Politics”


Standing poised in a footrace with ex-Gehlot government, Rajasthan CM Vasundhara Raje claimed that she and her minister are here to serve Rajasthan people. “We don’t have time to do politics”, said the CM while address a huge congregation at Jodhpur’s Umaid Stadium on Saturday. Even ex-CM Ashok Gehlot, during his 10-year tenure ascribed himself as servant of people, but unlike Raje government, he was infamous for distributing ‘freebies’ to win votes during election season.

Presenting the report card for last three years on this occasion, which is customary of Raje, the CM precisely described schemes run by her in the state. She was in Jodhpur for inauguration and stone-laying ceremony of 9 public projects.


“We’ve Delivered the Promises made during Suraaj Sankalp Yatra”, says CM Vasundhara Raje at Jodhpur

While on the podium, Raje claimed that in most cases, her ministers have worked outside their comfort zone while delivering promises made in her Suraaj Sankalp Yatra. Requesting the people to observe peace and to avoid public outrage, she asked them to approach government in case of any problem.

Have trust in us. We’re here to serve you, not to play politics“, she said. Referring to the infamous Meena-Meena riot and Gurjar outburst in Rajasthan, Raje asked the public to rise above caste-based differences and to help government maintain harmony in state.

Having said this, Raje went on to quote promises delivered by Rajasthan BJP in last three years.


  • Raje government had promised to construct 20,000 km roads in state and they’d gone beyond this mark in last 3 years, she said.
  • Rajasthan had just 25 safe blocks that harboured sweet potable water for drinking. After MJSA (Mukyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan) was introduced, the number shot to 50 with the successful completion of phase I. Now that MJSA phase II has been launched, government is expecting a figure of 150. Before 2019 Rajasthan state assembly elections, Raje aims to create around 190 safe zones.
  • Talking about educational reforms, CM Raje said that despite inheriting empty coffers from ex-Gehlot government, Raje government has worked relentlessly to improve academic standards in Rajasthan. They’ve focused on opening new schools and recruiting new lecturers/teachers for delivering meaningful concepts.
  • Raje government had promised to employ around 15 lakh youths in state and they’ve already recruited 1 lakh individuals in government sector, as opposed to 27,000 vacancies implemented by ex-Gehlot government. The state had already recruited a large group of teachers and they’ll create 15% more vacancies in the coming years.

Her public address also included elaborate plans to beautify blue city aesthetics. Raje directed the officials to maintain green cover of the parks. She instructed them to pay special attention to heritage sites and pending projects. Hopefully, with timely completion of these projects, we’ll see Jodhpur emerging as an advanced city with incredible infrastructure, as Jaipur.


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