Rahul Gandhi Trolled for his Reaction towards Budget 2017


All the MPs applauded finance minister Arun Jaitley’s ‘Shayari’ (poetry) in the parliament yesterday, except for Rahul Gandhi. RaGa was probably busy decoding the underlying economic jargons of budget 2017, as Jaitley sprouted complex English sentences in his elaborate speech.

Brushing it off as a ‘Sher-o-Shayari ka budget’, Rahul zealously criticised the union budget 2017. Why? Perhaps because the budget lacked ostentatious promises regarding big agricultural reforms and employment opportunities for the year, which is customary of the Congress government. Calling it a ‘flowery speech’ Rahul pointed out flaws in Jaitley’s business saying that the government hadn’t done anything to reduce the brunt of demonetisation on the youth, business and farming classes.

On an interesting note, Gandhi was found missing for some time, while Jaitley delivered his detailed budget speech. While we can certainly excuse this blooper, after all it’s Rahul, who’s known to pull up such antics, it didn’t sit well with the social media users. When Gandhi posted his ‘sincere views’ on his Twitter handle, he was mercilessly trolled for his reaction towards Jaitley’s Budget 2017.

Here’s how the Twitteratis Mercilessly Slammed Rahul Gandhi for his Epic Reaction

1. Ouch, that was harsh!

2. A sincere advice for Rahul by the lady. At least one ‘youth’ of India is gonna get a job this year.

3. We can imagine Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal snooping for Rahul’s Harvard degree.

4. The Magnitude of Rahul’s earthquake broke all record on the Richter Scale.

5. Reasonable, eh? Now we know the actual reason behind Rahul’s displeasure on the budget.

6. We all are desperately waiting for that auspicious day to arrive soon.

7. Finally, with government’s contribution, Rahul can get his outfit mended for real this time.

8. A million dollar question. We all expect the INC to answer it.

9. Seems legit, isn’t it?

10. Savage!!! Give this man a prize for this witty comment. Anyone up for ‘aalu’ flavoured Amul milk?

Stay tuned for more updates. Don’t forget to check Rahul Baba’s twitter handle for gigs.


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