Priyanka Gandhi Will Initiate the UP Poll Campaigns Soon

Priyanka Gandhi Politics

As per the recent news, Priyanka Gandhi is all set to politicize herself for the upcoming battle of thrones in Uttar Pradesh. Resultantly, Congress followers and workers will finally have some good news regarding the campaigns in the northern states. It was confirmed by the Congress chief Raj Babbar that, Priyanka Gandhi will come forward to support the Congress party in fast approaching UP Assembly Elections of 2017.

The Friday tweet by ANI confirms that, the state of perplexity over Priyanka’s participation in the upcoming elections has passed. It said, ” Priyanka ji ne humari baat maan li haikab kahan kaise prachaar karengi ye nahi decide hua hai“.

The decision was taken after the convention held on Friday, where the Congress vice-president, Rahul Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, some senior Congress leaders, UP chief minister candidate, Sheila Dixit and also a member from opposition, Rajya Sabha Ghulam Nabi Azad were present.

However, under the presence of Rahul’s unproductive and feeble politicking, Priyanka have very high chances of appearing as a dark horse of the party. She has very high potential of overpowering Rahul, who is often termed as toothless chief leader by the oppositions.

Also, Robert Vadra’s scam list has already qualified her enough to fit in the picture of a mainstream Congress leader. Party members are expecting a breath of new life with her involvement, and the audience may expecting some fresh political gambits.

From long back, UP polls campaign is facing the quarrelsome situations among Rahul and Priyanka  Gandhi. In fact there was recent poll campaigning conducted by Rahul Gandhi in UP but unfortunately, that ended up dissolving in the muck, with some uninvited incidents like a shoe was thrown to him at the time of rally.

With introduction of Priyanka in the polls and the already existing demagogues of the Congress, the party may be welcoming one more candidate from its grass roots to expedite its process of defrauding the country.


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