Once Again Kejriwal Appears With A Misleading Tweet to Defame PM Modi

Arvind Kejriwal Troll on Twitter Again

Arvind Kejriwal, the chief minister of Delhi, is lately posting some irrelevant and groundless twitter posts which proves that he is undoubtedly going through some trance experiences. Not only the posting, also, deleting them without any explanation has become part of his daily chore.

Like, on this Sunday, the CM of Delhi tweeted a photograph of dead person hanging from the ceiling and then in reason of his death, he mentioned demonetization as a cause. Not only this, later on he posted the photos of refugee children from Syria explaining that, they were found near the recent train thrash site near Kanpur.

Explaining the cause of death of the hung person in Satna, Madhya Pradesh, he wrote that, the man was not able to draw out the new currency notes from bank, that is why killed himself.

Of course, this all was falsely written by him, as the true story was published by TOI, which said, the man was not a common poor man but instead was a bank robber. He hung himself while in an escape from Police and not because of the reason what Kejriwal mentioned. The incident took place on Saturday at about 3 A.M.

But, the worst is that, he did not post any clarification for his ill-founded act and left his followers in the state of bewilderment against the PM Modi government.

Though, we all know about Kejriwal’s quarrelsome intentions towards PM Modi, but after demonetization, he has become unexpectedly activated in throwing all his possible paroxysms on PM. Without gathering any former information, he keeps himself busy in penning whatever nasty news strikes his mind and pitching the blame on PM Modi.

After that, he disguises his intentions of defaming the government as a rallying cry and represent himself as bleeding heart socio-political leader.

Nevertheless, at least he should reaffirm his statements with a logical proof.



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