Rajasthan Minister’s Extensive Family planning Initiatives to reach remote areas soon

Rajasthan Health Minister Rajendra Singh Rathore

“Rajasthan records around 17 lakh births every year, a huge number in itself which is equivalent to the population of a new district. Out of this, about 353 infants die every day, which is a major concern for the government,” an important fact reported by state Health Minister Rajendra Rathore at the inauguration of a new ‘Mother and child health care unit’ at a district hospital in Bundi.

The minister also stated that the state’s proliferating population is a major obstacle obstructing Health development and Medical services. Moreover, the biggest challenge persisting in this path remains unsolved till date. Taking medical development to remotest rural regions is a daunting challenge for the authorities.

The unit which is built with an ostentatious budget of Rs 15.27 crore was publicly announced on June 27. However, it was formally inaugurated by the minister on Sunday. According to Rajasthan Health Minister Rajendra Singh Rathore, 6,600 doctor and 20,000 paramedical staff have been recruited to strengthen medical and health services in Rajasthan.

Saying this, Rathore further informed, “Rajasthan has 17,000 government hospitals and health centres. Everyday, around 50 lakh patients use Outdoor Patient Department (OPD) services and around 15,000 patients are admitted to medical institutes.” “District officials need to be updated about this recent development.

A meeting in this regard will be conducted  later this evening,” he said while reflecting on the inability of the District officials to utilise the allocated budget. When asked about the state government’s Bhamasaha Swasthya Beema Yojana (BSBY), the minister said, “67 per cent people enlisted in the food security scheme are availing free medical facilities in 628 private and 494 government health institutes under BSBY and till now around 5.92 lakh people have been benefited.” Om Birla, a MP from Kota requested a new building for Medical college in India to which Rathore nodded firmly.

He said that a public college will be built and operated on public-private partnership mode. However , since politics thwarts the progress of citizens in India, state Youth Congress General Secretary Charmesh Sharma submitted a memorandum to the minister thereby protesting the inaugural of the unit, which was publicized after 146 days since it has been launched. He accused the government of misusing the funds in this regard.


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