PM is like the screen villian Gabbar: Mamata Banerjee


While Demonetisation is nearing towards it’s end, with the currency conversion window about to close for the normal citizens on 30th December. If reports are to be believed, most of the people have deposited scrapped currency. However, people who for some reason, have been unable to deposit scrap currency at RBI offices till 31st March. However, this provision is only applicable for a specified category of people.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while making the announcement, also claimed clearly that there will be many hurdles and temporary hardships. While the Aam Aadmi has confronted all the obstacles with a smiling face, and without any resistance. The category of people which have apparently been most affected by the demonetisation drive are the Congress politicians including Mamata Banerjee and Rahul Gandhi and the like.

Quite recently, terming ‘demonetisation’ as a “ megascam” , alleging that he had failed to upkeep his promise on restoring normalcy post 50 days after the drive announcement,  a galaxy of eight opposition parties asked PM Modi to resign from his post.

If this wasn’t enough, what’s news is that Banerjee recently compared the PM to screen villain “Gabbar”. She said, “If we say something, they say ‘Gabbar aa jayega’”.

Gandhi claimed that due to the “personal initiative”of the PM, people are facing a galaxy of hardships. Initially, only Mamata went on record to criticise the decision, which Rahul Gandhi later joined in. Gandhi also asked if Modi didn’t oblige, what will be the result. He said,” if he does not resign, we will put pressure on him to resign.”

Mamata expressed, “In the name of cashless, government has become faceless and baseless.”

Rahul spelled out,  in support of Mamata, “It was on the PM’s personal initiative that this arbitrary financial experiment was carried out for the first time in world shistory that affected 1.3 billion people. Such an experiment was never done even during Mao Zedong’s reign in China”.


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