Mamata Banerjee : If Demonetisation fails, will Modi resign?

CM Mamta Banerjee

Demonetisation has swept the whole nation with the temporary hardships that the Prime Minister, while making the announcement, promised were coming. He said such a big move is sure to bring in some temporary pains. People are ready to embrace the pains for a permanent outcome which will prove to a game-changer for the whole nation.

What is amusing? Although people hold no qualms about the move, the opposition is trying every bit to take a dig at Narendra Modi by recurrently leveling allegations against him. Bihar Deputy Chief Minister Tejaswi Yadav went on record to support Trinamool Congress (TMC) chief and West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee’s contention that the present situation in the country, post the mega Cash-clean up decision is a ‘super emergency’.

Yadav said to a media agency, “The situation in the entire nation is very bad post this demonetisation drive. There is no solution to the problems being faced by the people as promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi.”

“The situation is worse in downtrodden areas which are not well connected with the cities, do not have the facilities of ATMs and other modern techniques. Several people have lost their lives due to demonetisation. However, the Prime Minister has said nothing over this. So, I think the statements made by Mamata Banerjee that is a super emergency is absolutely correct,” he added.

The TMC chief Tuesday led the attack on the Centre over their demonetisation move alleging that the government had completely destroyed the federal structure.

“It is not emergency; it’s super emergency. Just that it has not been officially declared,” said Banerjee addressing the media after an anti-demonetisation meeting which was attended by all the opposition parties except the Left, Janata Dal (United) and Nationalist Congress Party (NCP).

“Demonetisation is a mega scam, biggest one after independence. The government is looting money of the poor and giving it to rich in the form of loans,” she said. “Even if after 50 days, things will not change. Will the Prime Minister resign?” she added.

“In push for cashless economy, Modi government has become baseless. It’s a total loss of face for them,” Mamta said, reiterating the fact that the economy’s has been driven back to 20 years back.

“Modi ji said we will have ‘acche din’. Is this what he meant by acche din? People are troubled. The country has been robbed in the name of acche din. In the name of cashless, Modi Government has gone baseless. It has become totally faceless,” said West Bengal CM.

“Demonetisation has done absolutely nothing against corruption. What it has done instead is to leave people without any money,” said Congress Vice-president.“A new market for conversion of money has been set up which has resulted in an attack on financial institutions and poor,” Gandhi added.


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