After the Income Tax Raids, Mayawati Played Heavy Blame Game

BSP chief Mayawati addresses a press conference in New Delhi on tuesday. Express photo by Shekhar yadav

Mayawati has perpetually been into frenzy since demonetisation act. Also, after the recent income tax raid, she is giving constant introduction of her inferiority complex. For example, on Tuesday, on behalf of her party and Anand Kumar, Mayawati (BSP chief minister) pin-pointed that BJP government is making use of government channel to victimise her as she belongs to Dalit troop and also in against of demonetisation.

She addressed the media crowd in Lucknow and remarked that BJP cannot tolerate seeing a Dalit holding the “master key to power”, precisely in UP, where assembly elections are pending. She also explained that the “cash was deposited in both accounts within rules”. She also clarified that, the money in question circle is a collected donation money at her office during August in Delhi.

She added it like, “This was well before demonetisation came into play”.

She also added that, the money submitted in the bank account had to go under surveillance.

Further she exclaimed that, “The party got late in depositing the money. It could be deposited only in November”. Then she also clarified that, “My brother Anand Kumar has been doing business for many years. He also deposited money as per rules”.

Mayawati also alleged that other parties also practiced the similar activities but they have not been questioned. She forwarded the question, “If Prime Minister Narendra Modi is so honest, why isn’t he disclosing the bank transactions made by BJP 10 months before the note ban came into effect”.

Matawati alleged that, “I am always targeted whenever elections are round the corner”.

He sharp remarks are creating dubious situations and strongly indicating towards the fact that, people who are most vocal about the demonetisation  are suffering the most. Her deeds explains everything, she does not have to play blame game so excitingly.


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