National Child Health Program


The day was not less than a doomsday for Ambalal and Phoolwati, when the doctors told them about heart disease of their seven months old son. They are the residents of Godi ji ka mandir in Jalore district. Ambalal is a paani-puri vendor and the family goes through arduous economical conditions. Amidst these unforgiving conditions, his beloved son was diagnosed with a fatal heart disease, for which he was unable to find any financial support. Meanwhile, the mobile health team of National Child Health program identified the disease during their camp in village Anganwadi.

The team referred the child to district health centre, where he was diagnosed by a paediatrician. Since, the district health centre did have sufficient treatment equipments, he was referred to RBSK’s health centre Narayana Hrudayalaya Hospital in Jaipur. The infant was then treated by Dr. Ankit Mathur and also was successfully operated. Baby Shravan is a happy and healthy child now. His parents are delighted to see his blooming health. Also, the RBSK is grateful for giving a new life to a child.

We have one other story depicting the opulence of the National Child Health program. Class 7 student, Pooja is a native of Borda Bawadi village of Bhilwara district was suffering from congenital heart disease. Her parents had taken her to many health centres for the treatment, but due to lack of sufficient financial support, they were unable to get her through full treatment. In a camp of National Child Health program held at Government Higher Secondary School, she was diagnosed with the disease. They made Pooja’s referral card and referred her to district health centre of Bhilwara. Here, she was referred to Geetanjali Hospital, Udaipur for her operation. On February 18th, 2016, Pooja’s heart surgery was successfully done.

Today, she is a healthy girl and her parents are happy to see their child in a fit stage.



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