Restrictions may be imposed on gold possessed by every Indian : Reports


While it is a well known fact that women, especially housewives are deeply aggrieved by the demonetisation move. Women have a habit to save, without fail. Be it a meagre amount they they have received, a small fraction of it or the whole earnings will be kept in treasure. This engenders huge savings at the end of the year. This is the last resort for emergencies. It may also saved for daughter’s marriage or son’s education. All in all, it is boon. But who knew this could become a bane for the family soon. The sudden announcement of Demonetisation rendered all these notes illegal. What could have been worse for the ‘man of the house’ who was totally unmindful  of that secret place of savings spanned through locker and envelopes.

But all the women , hold on! Apparently, this doesn’t end here. There is even a more intense news which can render you sleepless for many days ahead. If you love to buy gold, at intervals, when you have ample cash in hand. Here is a bad news for you .

India is world’s second largest gold buyer.According to estimates, one-third of its annual demand is traded for unaccounted cash .

Gold premiums touched the two-year highs last week. This level was largely on account of the jewellers urgency to up their purchases . There is a huge amount of fear which envelopes the jewellery industry . There is a wide-spread rumour that government may impose certain restrictions on the import of jewellery .

The government has intensified the demonetisation move. This has substantiated the rumours which afloat  the market regarding restrictions on domestic gold holdings. There are great possibilities that the government imposes curbs on the gold possessions in each Indian house.


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