Losing The Patience, Congress Leaders Asked PM Modi To Quit

Modi Vs Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi and CM Mamta Banerjee  are  constantly fostering on the negative outcomes of the demonetisation. Now, after the end of the testing period, a cluster of eight rival parties has demanded a resignation from PM Modi. They have called the demonetisation act a “megascam” and highlighted the fact that, he has failed his promise of resurfacing the normalcy in 50 days.

This demand was specially put forwarded by Banerjee who measured the PM Modi as “Gabbar”, famous screen villain. Because the policy is creating so much hurdles for the opposition leaders, she said, “If we say something, they say ‘Gabbar aa jayega'”.

Initially Gandhi was aloof from the matter and called it a “Mamta’s suggestion”. He demanded PM’s reciprocation for all the post-demonetisation difficulties as “personal initiative”. But, probably, he was seeking a strong support and Mamta constantly criticised the move aloud, he added himself in and promptly mentioned, and asked that if “if he does not resign, we will put pressure on him to resign.”

At one joint press conference – Rahul perpetually put forward some past documents and asked for a detailed probing because as per him, Modi received bribes from Sahara and Birla groups at the time of his tenure in Gujarat as CM.

Rahul alleged, “It was on the PM’s personal initiative that this arbitrary financial experiment was carried out for the first time in world shistory that affected 1.3 billion people. Such an experiment was never done even during Mao Zedong’s reign in China”.

Without showing even a bit of patience, Mamta Banerjee alleged that,  even after 47 days the hardships have not came to a halt. Mamta Banerjee also said, “In the name of cashless, government has become faceless and baseless,” she said caustically”.

While opposition is running pedagogy in politics for India, they have forgotten the much giant scam list which is scattered all over their tenure.



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