Controversies Never Seem to End in Raj Babbar’s Life


Raj Babbar, the current president of UP Congress committee is known for his fiery speeches and nonsense comments made it to the tabloids again. However, this time it was not the Opposition at Babbar’s hit list, but a fellow party worker of the Indian Congress. He was seen assaulting a fellow party worker during UP Congress’ rally in Saharanpur.

What did Raj Babbar Do in Saharanpur?

In a rally conducted by UP Congress party workers at Saharanpur, Raj Babbar vent out his frustration at a fellow party member. A huge crowd was gathered to welcome Babbar in this public meeting. Amidst the dense crowd, a party member mistakenly pushed Raj Babbar. This angered Babbar to no end and he retaliated back by grabbing the said person at the back of his head.

What was more shocking was that Babbar pulled his hair hard to express his anger. This entire episode was captured by many viewers present on the scene. Within a few minutes, the video went viral and the social media users slammed him for his inhumane behaviour. However, we don’t find it surprising.

Raj Babbar is the favourite child of controversy and he had pulled similar antics in past, as well. In past, we’ve seen him giving a bunch of crappy statements in public that have ruined his image in the public.

Raj Babbar’s Gibberish Comments have Ruined his Image in UP

  1. Accusing Modi government for planning attacks on Nawazuddin Siddiqui in Muzzafarnagar, Babbar said that if the right-wing government rules at the Centre for long, they’ll probably ban all the hymns and Qawali songs sung by Muslim artists.
  2. In 2012, another controversy involving Babbar surfaced when he claimed that the common men can easily get a full meal for Rs. 12 in Mumbai. Needless to say, his statement was followed by backlash from all the four corners of the world.
  3. In 2013, he created quite a stir in the Parliament by comparing PM Modi to ‘Hitler’.

However, this time it was not the fiery statements, but his actions that hurt his fans. This unexpected act of Raj Babbar not just declined his fan following, but it’ll cost a couple of seats for UP Congress in the upcoming state assembly elections.



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