Ladli Rakht Seva: Saving Young Lives with Precious Drops of Blood

Girl Blood Donation - Ladli Rakht Yojana

Little Girls below 12 years of age to get Free Blood Transplantation under Rajasthan Government’s Ladli Rakht Seva…

“The blood you donate gives someone another chance at life”…

Young girls embracing teenage are vulnerable to blood deficiency because their body undergoes physical, hormonal and psychological changes as they transform from childhood to adulthood. To help little girls recover from blood loss, Raje government has come up with an innovative scheme Ladli Rakht Seva’ that aims to provide free blood transplantation to females below the age of 12 years. With this scheme, Rajasthan government intends to develop a blood bank based on public participation.

Ladli Rakht Seva: A Commendable Step towards Saving Lives and Generating Awareness

Ladli Rakhte Yojana
Blood donor at donation.

Puberty and childbearing years make females susceptible to iron-deficiency (pernicious anaemia). This is because regular blood loss during monthly cycles, hectic lifestyle and poor eating practices make them weak and anaemic. In a survey conducted in 2012, it was found that about 83.4% adolescent girls residing in various districts in Rajasthan were suffering from anaemia. Out of these, 58.21% were mild anaemic, 22.2% moderate anaemic and 2.98% were severe anaemic.

Seeing this number, it was a Herculean task for government to deliver proper nutrition counselling, healthcare and blood transplantation facilities across 33 districts in Rajasthan. Therefore, under the visionary directions of CM Vasundhara Raje, Rajasthan healthcare department devised the ‘Ladli Rakht Seva’. Under this scheme, all government hospitals present in state will provide free of cost blood to young girls.

This scheme was formally launched on Wednesday (November 30). A special blood bank counter was setup in (SMS) Sawai Man Singh Hospital’s trauma centre to collect blood from public participants. After making the necessary preparations at hospital, Rajasthan CM has urged the natives to contribute to this scheme.

Thus, with ‘Ladli Rakht Seva‘, Rajasthan government will not just save lives, but they’ll also generate awareness on anaemia, balanced diet and blood donation etc. All in all, it was a happy week for state health department. Rajasthan doctors have not only achieved successful stem cell transplantation in foreign patient, but they’re set to save more lives with blood donation drive as well. Thus, Rajasthan has set a landmark for other states to follow.


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