Congress Is Continuing With Their Allegation Ritual On Opposition, Calling PM Modi A “Biggest Patron” of Black Money


Congress called PM Narendra Modi as “biggest patron” of black money. They even managed to support this proofless statement by saying that, he was getting his money transformed into white through the welfare programmes run by poor.

Randeep Surejwala (Congress spokesperson) said, ” He is the biggest patron of black money… he is flouting all Income Tax rules to get black money converted into white using welfare schemes for the poor”.

Congress leaders even demanded the details of bank deposits by BJP leaders and RSS functionaries from April 1 to November 30th.

Continuing with their tantrums, Surjewala demanded apology from Modi for the people who died standing in the long queues of ATMs.

PM Narendra Modi

This is not new that, during the rule of BJP, Congress gets hypersensitive towards the common people of country and demand for such apologies. Though we could never see that side of BJP, because during the Congress rule, there were no big decisions like this.

Not to mention, demonetisation is one of the biggest decision in the political history of India. Yes, common people are standing in queues, which never happened before. But, also it never happened that, in spite of standing in queues they are supporting the decision of the ruling government.

Yes, people never suffered before to buy daily needs commodities, but also, earlier,  people never willingly gave away their LPG subsidy for poor people.

Yes, there was not so much cash crunch in the country before, but we hardly saw common men of underprivileged section holding debit cards in their hands.

Debate on this topic is a never ending process. But, in the history of 70 years of Indian independence, we have never seen visible satisfaction on common men’s faces.

The country is not only moving towards self-sufficiency but also instead of accusing government, people are extending their helping hands towards each other. Yes, few rival voices are screaming prominently, but the measure population is beaming with new hopes.


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