A Shedding Light On Congress Scam List In Rajasthan


Congress and scams seems synonyms for each other. Recalling INC times, give us the memories of a series of scams happening one after the other. Mr. Gehlot is one known face of this black party. “Actions speak louder than words”, the phrase is capable enough of defeating all their verbal abuse against BJP government. Below we have mentioned some scammy actions of Congress in Rajasthan, which are fully proven and highlight their(Congress) true colours.


Mining scam:

Mining scam by Ashok Gehlot is a transparent proof that Gehlot has taken care of his friends and family with utmost care during his ruling time.

  • 87 under consideration applications were rejected by Mr. Gehlot for sand stone mines in Kateja village.
  • By showing some incorrect facts, he allegedly arranged benefits for his family members, relatives and friends.
  • Major changes were made in Mining Regulations 1968. He made new policies for sandstone mining and used cabinet favours for his personal interest.

Jaisalmer Solar Energy Scam

Empty promises and paperworks has always been a speciality of Gehlot government. Transferring public money into their own houses with the help of foreign companies has been their ruling time agenda. Under the mission of Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru Solar Energy Mission, in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, Solar Power Plant of 5 megawatt each were to be installed. In fact all the required machinery had to be manufactured within India only.  But, instead the company which was given the contract of manufacturing the plant used all foreign equipments and machines. For this violation, Gehlot government should have put the penalty of Rs. 85 crores on Lemko corporation, putting the company name under black list. But, nothing like that was done. Resultantly, there is no energy production in Askandra Solar Power Plant till now. This can be counted as one of the most prominent failures of Gehlot government.



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