Your kidney says a lot about your love relationship with your partner


    Kidney can write a perfect love story for you and your partner.This Virginia couple takes their Tale of love and affection to another level altogether.

    “Once, all the stars asked the moon, what makes him love Sun so much. To this question, the moon said, Sun gives me the space to emerge bright, no matter how dark the sky is.” This reflects the essence of love. When you support your partner through the darkest of dark, with no worries about self, it is called ‘LOVE’.

    If you were wondering what is real love like. Let me take this opportunity to just shed light on one of the many aspects which defines unconditional love. Love is when you think beyond yourself to an extent that you almost become oblivion to your own needs and aspirations, when your own demands get suppressed just to empower another person his/her own space.

    This Winter, this one couple has weaved an incredibly eye-popping story of love and affection. A Virginia man is gifting his wife a formidably big present for their 20th wedding anniversary. This man is gifting his kidney. No, I am not joking. There is something like kidney which still exists.

    For six years, Scott Chafian has been aspiring to donate his kidney to his wife, to ameliorate her lifestyle and how she lives her life. Cindy, man’s wife suffers from polycystic kidney disease and has been on dialysis for almost two years now. The reason for this delay is that the wife wasn’t ready to accept her beloved husband’s kidney, until her situation got really worsened. Oh! We love this couple even more. Selfless indeed!

    “I hit kind of rock bottom, and I looked at him and I said OK, I’m ready,” Cindy Chafian told a medid agency.

    The transplant surgery is slated for Jan. 24, interestingly a day before their 20th anniversary.

    “He called me and he told me that everything was a go. He gave me a date and that was the first time I allowed myself any emotion and I actually cried,” she said.

    What’s more? The family is accepting wedding gifts in the form of donations at ‘GoFundMe’. They need money for the surgery and while they are not working while recovering. Till Monday, a total of $1,835 of their $5,000 goal was raised.

    The posting on the website says: “This is a beautiful milestone in marriage. Usually couples get to throw a big party or maybe renew their vows. But they won’t be getting to do any of that. In fact they’ll both be in separate hospital rooms recovering.”

    A doctor said Scott Chafian is the “cleanest donor” he has seen in five years, according to the website.

    “To know that he’s kind of giving me that ability is even more of an amazing gift,” the lady spelled out. He powers me in so many ways, he is literally going to give me life. So it’s an amazing gift.” She skipped a heartbeat, it seemed.

    How deep is their love? Really. This couple has set the relationship bar higher and unmatchable. Good work, lovebirds. We wish you a successful surgery and speedy recovery.


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