Jat Aandolan Fire Burns in UP with the leak of Jat Boycott Video on Social Media


    As political leaders in UP brace up for 2017 Uttar Pradesh elections, Jat agitation started afresh in Haryana and adjoining regions. To make things worse, the Jat boycott video circulating on the social media stirred up agitation amidst Jat communities in west UP. The video presents a group of members from 35 other communities who’ve requested the public to boycott Jats publicly. The said offenders have pledged that they’ll neither socialise with the Jats nor trade with them unless the mend their ways. This has heated up things in West UP, particularly Bijnor, Moradabad, Ghaziabad and other such regions where the Jats are present in high numbers.

    Though the culprits haven’t mentioned the reason for boycotting Jats, the police have sped up attempts to arrest the culprits. Amidst high tension in Haryana, CM Manohar Lal led BJP government has announced Act 144 in Rohtak and employed the state as well as the Central forces for added security. Meanwhile the CM has spoken to Jat leaders and requested all the Jats nationwide to maintain patience.

    How Jat agitation can Affect UP Elections 2017?

    Jat agitation in Haryana spread like a forest fire all over the country. Even the state of Uttar Pradesh couldn’t escape the flames. In west UP, about 17% Jats vote for election candidates in 73 constituencies. In this case, Jat votes play a significant role in deciding the fate of political parties in UP elections. The ruling SP government that is tangled in their in-house politics, didn’t make an effort to appease the Jats of West UP.

    However, sensing a possible adverse fallout of Jat votes in Haryana, CM Manohar was quick to take an action. Meanwhile, the BJP government is trying to prevent dissatisfaction amidst Uttar Pradesh Jats.


    After the incidents of Friday, wherein a person died due to police firing held during Jat protests on Chandigarh-Delhi highway, the self-proclaimed Jat leaders appealed all the Jats in India to unite against the government. The Haryana government saw it as the handiwork of anti-social elements to create resentment among Jats against the government. Therefore, the members of UP BJP were alerted regarding the future consequences. Currently, the Centre and the state BJP leaders are working in close association to solve this issue in a peaceful manner.

    The police has been instructed to start an investigation regarding the video. Since elections are around the corner, this controversial Jat boycott video can polarise the electorate before the polls. Therefore, the police is vigilant and looking for clues on the video publisher. The cops will take strict action against social media users who’re found circulating this video online.

    The urban centres like Gurgaon have escaped from the ambit of Jat agitation due to strict security. Therefore, the Jat protestants have turned to the villages now. As of now, the government is trying its best to curb any signs of violence in the country.


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