GRAM 2016 Success Stories: Hundreds of Satisfied, Smiling Faces Everywhere

Gram 2016 Success Stories

Vasundhara’s Vision Becomes a Success, Attendees Awestruck by Spectacular Display at India’s Biggest Agritech Event…

GRAM 2016, a 3-day gala celebrating amalgamation of traditional agriculture with advanced technologies and innovative practices saw real-time participation by hundreds of farmers, who were impressed, mesmerized and excited by stunning display at ‘Smart Organic Farms’, ‘Celebrity Animal house’ and demonstration of agriculture techniques at ‘Exhibition House’. This mega event saw large scale participation of around 50,000 farmers from Rajasthan and surrounding states.

After spending a long and hectic day at ‘Jaajam Chaupals’ where farmers sought answers from agriculture experts and ‘Pradarshini Sthal’ where they inquired about high-tech machinery and GM crops. All in all, it was an eventful day for farmers who explored profitable sources of living, alternate crops to boost income, saw live performance by celebrity animals, Bollywood actress Hema Malini and enjoyed a delicious meal with CM at public eateries.

Here’s what they’ve to say.

1. Bheemaram Grasiya, Sirohi

He was Impressed By: ‘Murrah bull Yuvraj , high-milk producing cattle, tractor and marigold flower varieties’.

2. Guru Charan, Bharatpur

He was Impressed By: ‘Modern Equipment displayed at Exhibition Hall, management skills and facilities provided by the Government.’

3. Rai Singh Jaakhad, Hanuman Garh

He was Impressed By: ‘Sprinkler irrigation, water conservation techniques, hybrid seeds, high-tech machines and tractors.’

4. Thakur Bhairav Singh, Jhalawad

He was Impressed By: ‘Farming tools, machinery and superior agriculture techniques’.

5. Sardar Singh, Dausa

He was Impressed By: ‘Innovative techniques in vegetable growth and animal husbandry’.

6. Ramesh Chander, Baanswaada

He was Impressed By: ‘Fisheries, sheep breeding and animal farms’.

7. Radhe Shyam, Boondi

He was Impressed By: ‘The concept of Unnat Krishi’.

8. Mahavir Gujjar, Tonk

He was Impressed By: ‘Technical tips on agriculture and animal rearing provided by experts’.

This time it was not a high-end, sophisticated investor’s meet like ‘Resurgent Rajasthan’, but simple yet powerful ‘GRAM’ by ‘Rani of Reforms’ that cast a spell on enthralled villagers of Rajasthan. When these farmers return home with enthusiasm and confidence, they’ll spread the message of ‘agricultural innovation’ to more people. In short, the story of development would reach every household, which was the foremost objective of Raje’s GRAM.


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