Dinner Diplomacy Back on Cards, When Will Congress Learn?

Sachin Pilot
Sachin pilot slams PM's Demonetisation Implementation plan

No takers for friendly dinners, still the leaders won’t give up!

Way to a man’s heart his through his stomach. Rajasthan Congress seems quite serious about this notion. First, Gehlot and now Pilot, prominent Congress leaders broke bread together to bridge in-house differences between party members. The idea was to strengthen party’s campaign against ‘Rani of Reforms’. But, the bigger question is will dinners fetch votes for Congress, especially when the ruling BJP has bigger tricks up its sleeves like MJSA, Annapurna, Bhama Shah etc. and not to mention, the Centre’s currency denomination?

When you ‘Feed’ a Person, you make him ‘Fan’, Probably that’s what Congress Thinks

Tense relationship between PCC President, Sachin Pilot and former Rajasthan CM Ashok Gehlot has been gnawing the party ties. Also, the grand ‘Ghar Wapasi’ of MP Hari Singh and former Union Minister Subhash Maharia was met with resistance by Gehlot and his troupe. Senior leaders Congress expressed their doubts regarding Pilot’s intention and raised questions against their loyalty to the party. Suspecting the labyrinth of underlying qualms and conspiracies, state in-charge Gurudas Kamat proposed dinner diplomacy. As per Kamat, it’ll will help senior-junior wing to iron out differences among them.

Gehlot, who volunteered to play the first host, organized a lavish banquet on October 3. Seeing it didn’t fare well with most junior leaders, Congress entered the second phase of ‘dinner diplomacy’ with Pilot hosting the banquet on November 9. While the dinner at Gehlot’s residence was attended by most leaders, except Pilot and Chandresh Kumari, Jagannath Pahadia was absent from Pilot’s gala. Moreover, the perpetual absence of Mohan Prakash and AICC general secretary C.P. Joshi from both the events, indicates things are not as good as they appear, in the seemingly ‘happy Congress paradise’.

Pilot’s Hypocrisy

When questioned about the absence of certain attendees, Pilot tactfully replied that all leaders have their own responsibilities towards party. It isn’t necessary for each and everyone to attend meetings and events, when they’ve pending tasks in hand. Also, these dinners provide a platform to party leaders to reflect over best strategies for the betterment of state in future. Task? Who’re you kidding Mr. Pilot? Had the party leaders ‘worked hard’, BJP would not have been in a position to beat Congress in 2013 Rajasthan state assembly elections.

Though the Congress believes it will be a cake-walk for them to win 2018 Rajasthan state assembly elections as BJP is losing its base in among Jats, they seem to forget that Raje is still the most popular female politician in India, with 6,399,598 likes on Facebook and 840 thousand followers on Twitter. The ongoing tussle for chief ministerial position within Congress will not bode well for the party. BJP, on the other hand, relies on reforms and Modi wave for acquiring votes in the 2018 Rajasthan elections. Party leaders, unified under Raje’s strong command relentlessly work to attract investors, entrepreneurs, youth and villagers, as evident by the huge success of Resurgent Rajasthan and GRAM.

Will dinner diplomacy clean Rajasthan Congress’s image that has been tarnished by long lists of scams and controversies? We don’t think so! It’s time to devise practical strategies for upcoming elections, hope Congress realizes it on time.


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