Dholpur Assembly By-elections: BJP-Congress Gear Up for the Big Political Battle

Vasundhara Raje

Even though the Election Commission believes there’s sufficient time to fill up the Dholpur assembly seat, the political parties are eyeing it like a hawk. The ruling BJP and the opposition parties, especially Congress are waiting for the by-election dates for the constituency, which are yet to be announced. There are rumours that the EC will declared the dates on coming Wednesday, when the election schedule for remaining five states will be announced. But, since the Dholpur seat fell vacant just last month, the ECI has at least six months for conducting elections.

Why are Political Parties Fighting over the Dholpur Assembly Seat?

The by-elections for the Dholpur assembly constituency are due since the last ruling legislator B.L. Kushwah from BSP (Bahujan Samaj Party) got disqualified for murder chargers. The dejected members of BSP are planning to project one of the family members of Kushwah for the upcoming by-election.

It induced anxiousness among anticipating parties, mainly Rajasthan BJP since Dholpur is the hometown of Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje. Co-incidentally, the CM was in her native town last week. Political analysts believe that the CM’s strategy of working at the grassroot level will secure her party’s victory in the by-election.

CM Raje already allotted a budget of Rs 50 crore for revamping rural, urban roads and highways in Dholpur district. While having a meeting with BJP members and party workers, CM Raje instructed her team to ensure the party’s victory on the Dholpur assembly seat. It’s important because the results of the by-election will reflect the public’s mood towards the political parties in Rajasthan.

Currently, the party is working on the list of candidates who’re eligible for claiming the BJP ticket for Dholpur seat. The high command is considering RSS members and social activists for this job. Former legislators like Jaswant Singh, Abdul Sagir Khan and Shivram Kushwah are leading in this race.

With Raje beginning work from ground zero, the other parties too have started organising meetings with the locales. Local ministers will be holding public hearings, considering the importance of imminent by-election.

Having nothing, but a long-list of scams to its name, Rajasthan Congress is playing on the insecurities of the natives. They’re targeting the Raje-government on Gurjar protests and the Centre on the PM’s demonetisation move. The Congress is planning to introduce district committee president Ashok Sharma as their candidate.

The next few months will unfold interesting dramas and political strategies. The results of Dholpur by-elections will reveal the mood of public towards the government.


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