UP Polls Hold High Stakes For BJP, Rahul Is Bidding On Punjab Now

PM Narendra modi
Congress VP Rahul Gandhi

2017 elections is in circulation and in the coming two months, assembly elections in the five states will come as an acid test for Rahul Gandhi and Arvind Kejriwal’s perpetual stimulating speeches. Demonetisation was introduced, termed it as magic pill for all the illness country is going through. Thus, for BJP which is commanded by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah, winning over Uttar Pradesh elections is a matter of major stake among all the giant decisions like surgical strikes. In all this, PM Modi to a great extent has put himself in front with all exposure to vulnerability and risk at his personal prestige. Amit shah has not failed to poise in confidence, giving the vibes that BJP is probably been in benefit because of demonetisation and surgical strikes in the LoC.

And, how can we forget the Samajwadi Party quarrels, which has given sighs of relief to BJP. Amidst this, Akhilesh Yadav appeared as resurgent from the verge of failures and surfaced as strong and influential “Netaji”, who has all guts to retain party’s Muslim support.

On the other side, Bahujan Samaj Party which is mainly led by Mayawati, and was appearing as hard competition to BJP is slowly losing the grip. There are chances that Muslim voters will favour Akhilesh as always, on contrary Mayawati may face tough chances to beat BJP and SP. Both the giant parties may manifest something splendour, but BJP is on high chances of snatching the tag of a giant party tag.

Congress has an upper hand in terms of going through the worst. Rahul Gandhi and Prashant Kishore have very badly ruined the election strategy for UP and now has shifted their kind focus to Punjab. The veteran party has loaded all its expectations on Amrinder Singh’s political abilities to snatch out votes from the Jat Sikhs.

In the current scenario, if BJP succeeds in winning Uttar Pradesh, the party may face dubious scenarios in all other states. Kejriwal and Congress can be in the similar bucket in terms of Punjab.


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