Demonetization Puts an End to Elaborate Election Campaigns, Opposition & Leftists Unable to Sleep


    Finance experts of the entire country may applaud PM Modi’s historic attempt to curb black money menace but the opposition leaders seem thoroughly upset with this move. While some leaders found themselves unable to react, others ended up making nonsensical comments before media. We saw these ‘sensitive’ ministers sympathizing with the public in ‘difficult’ times.

    Inspired by the hilarious punchline ‘Janta Maaf Nahi Karegi’, a “mufflerdhari” CM recently cursed the Prime Minister saying “Bhagwan Kabhi Maaf Nahi Karega” (perhaps because the PM has really hurt his sentiments by banning Rs. 500 and Rs. 1,000 notes). There cannot be a statement more pathetic than this. Mind you the very same minister owes his political career to Anna Hazare, who is famous for his anti-corruption ideology and firm stand against black money. Hence, it’s a bit hard for us to digest as to why he’s now criticising PM’s decision against fake currency and corruption.

    Arvind Kejriwal

    The ‘Goddess of Corruption‘ from UP declared the current situation an ‘economic emergency’. She seemed angry and upset with government’s decision. Being ‘Dalit ki Beti’, she framed Modi for conspiring against the Dalits. “To hide their inefficiency, economic emergency like situation has been created by the government as elections in UP are close“, she says. In short, she was more worried about funding her upcoming election rallies than the plight of a common man.

    Amar Ujala, a well-known media house based in Uttar Pradesh published a photograph featuring cars outside her office carrying multiple suitcases. Any guesses what was present inside the suitcases? It’s a secret! Rumours also say she called in emergency meetings with her MLAs to circulate election-related publicity material to various districts. Her frustration at losing all money during elections is making her sprout nonsense in the public. Nothing new coming from a person who has been erecting her own full-length marble statues all over the city.

    Amidst this chaos, SP chief demanded one-week extension for using old currency. “Badi khatarnak sthiti banegiVideshon se bhi paisa nahi ayega, itna asmanjas ho gaya hai ki dimag me nahi aa raha hai ki kya karein“. He is probably stressed about how he would manage funds in future. The funny thing is his stupid statements are backed by equally stupid reasoning. As per him, hundreds of parents are compelled to postpone their daughter’s wedding due to this unexpected currency ban. Seriously? As if Paytm, NEFTs and cheques do not exist in this world!

    A little birdie that flew here all the way from Rajasthan gave us an interesting piece of news. A politician, who’s allegedly involved in a long list of scams (such as Ambulance scam, Jodhpur Defence land scam and Jodhpur Mine scam) said “Merely changing currency will not solve the problem. For this, long-term institutional reforms are required“. Hello? We didn’t see your government taking any ‘long-term precautionary measures’, especially when they had 10 years to bring this change.

    To top it all we saw his son in a drunken stupor, frustratingly asking his contacts to deposit money in their accounts. He made it to the jeweller’s shop but they apparently refused to convert his hard earned ‘black money’ into gold. Perhaps because they didn’t know he’s the upcoming chief minister of Rajasthan, isn’t it?

    But our very own ‘Pappu’ stole the show with his hilarious antics. Come what may, he’s always the talk of the town! As soon as Modi announced demonetization, the very next day Pappu arrived in his luxury car to deposit Rs. 4000 at the bank. Despite Twitteratties slamming him with memes and jokes on Twitter, we applaud this masterpiece! Very original Pappu!

    So this was how opposition and the leftists expressed their aggression against BJP-led government. All ministers seemed to have lost their appetite and sleep after currency ban in India. How will they contest elections in UP, Uttarakhand and Punjab now? That was very unfair of Modi, isn’t it? We express deep condolence at their loss.


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