Demonetisation: Boon for a 21 year old girl in Rajasthan.  


    The  whole India is mourning about the demonetisation move. There is intense outrage and opposition in the public, The stock markets have dipped to considerable lower levels, Rupee has dropped to a 3 year low level and Death count has reached 60 .In the midst of this landscape full of pessimism and negativity, there is a 21 year old girl who finds respite through demonetization.

    A brother along with his cousin freezed the deal to trade their sister for an amount of 20 lacs. The deal was done for flesh trade. However, on the final day, the agent showed reluctance to pay 20 lacs in new currency notes.He insisted to pay by cheque. Due to the fear of being tracked ,the brother duo expresses their disapproval to accept cheque. Consequentially, a dialogue started between the agent and the duo. This engendered a golden opportunity for the girl who was highly astute. She waited for no time and dashed away. She sprinted away for her life.


    “While there was a heated argument between her brothers and the agent, the girl sneaked out and fled. She rushed to a police station and sought our help,” said Alwar additional SP Paras Jain.

    The girl is from Sawai Madhopar. She informed the police that her father and brother were involved in the flesh trade business for the past many years. A few years earlier, a girl’s cousin came to her house. He stayed for a considerable time during which he was able to convince the girl’s parents for the flesh trade.

    She has been able to restore her life and dignity solely due to the repercussions of demonetisation. She avoided grave predicaments of prostitution by showing her grit and positive attitude. The brave Alwar girl was indeed saved from a ‘near-death experience’. Bravo girl ! The nation is proud of you.


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