Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development corporation Success Story

Rajasthan Skill Development

22 year old, Shyam Sundar has gone through skill development training and now he is a self-reliant citizen of the country. With his self-dependent flair, he now encourages the youth of the village to partake in Rajasthan skills and livelihood development corporation and groom their expertise. Today, his success has become of source of enthusiasm and inducement for other villagers.

Shyam Sundar belongs to Jaitaran town in Pali district. After completing his schooling, he was not able to find any employment. His parents wanted him to indulge in some job, so that he can help in the poor monetary conditions of the family. But, because of lacking in any kind of technical education, he was running out of job options.


During this period, he came in contact with some boys who had attained the skill development training from Rajasthan skills and livelihood development corporation . He came to know that, the programme run by state government is completely free of cost and help in developing expertise in young people so that they can qualify themselves for better jobs. Just after hearing this news, he contacted in ISLDC office. He then enrolled himself for the office assistant course there. He took keen interest in the training and successfully completed his training course with his arduous efforts.

Brimming with his improved self-confidence, he says that, just after completing his training he underwent in an interview in Light Micro finance Company and got selected for the post of field officer. His starting pay scale was decided as Rs. 9,200. He was overwhelmed and could hardly believe that he can be paid that much salary. Today, he is taking care of his family. His family members are satisfied and happy with his prosperity and gives the credit to the state government and Rajasthan skills and livelihood development corporation. The state government programme filled their lives with joy and gave them financial supplement to become self-reliant.


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