Delhi CM Kejriwal Faced Shoe Hurling After Speaking Against PM Modi


On Sunday Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal faced sudden rage from one of the crowd member when a shoe was thrown at him. He was addressing the crowd on the matter of demonetisation and was targeting PM Modi in his speech.

However, the person missed the goal marked and the person was nabbed.

The incident happened in the evening wheh Kejriwal was lecturing “Tijori Tod Bhanda Fod” rally, criticizing the demonetisation move.

The shoe was thrown in Kejriwal direction when he targeted the PM Modi negatively for demonetisation move. He remarked it as “scam” and thus faced violence from one of the follower. Navin Jaihind, an AAP senior leader from Haryana said, “The shoe did not hit Kejriwal ji“.

The shoe throwing person faced overpower from AAP workers and was then handed over to police at Urban Estate station. Police is now interrogating the motive behind this act. A senior police official revealed that the person Vikas is 26 year old, is a resident of Mori Makrana village from District Dadri in Haryana.

The police official also said, “He is graduate and unemployed. When we questioned him, he said that he was hurt by Kejriwal’s statements on the SYL issue which went against Haryana’s interests. At the time of being questioned, the youth did not seem to be in sound mental condition”.

After the incident, Twitter flooded with jokes and sarcasm on Kejriwal. Kejriwal has faced the shoe hurling incident so many times that, it seems to have become new normal for him.

Even after this incident, again, kejriwal came up with criticism against PM Modi saying,

“Maine kaha tha Modi ji Kayar hai. (I had said Modi is a coward), that is why he sends his stooges to throw shoes…but you may throw shoes or conduct CBI raids , that will not stop me from speaking the truth about demonetisation scam..,”


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