BSF Jawan Video Exposes the Corrupt Nature of Indian Defence Officers: ‘Look at What we Eat’, he Says.

    BSF Jawan Viral Video

    A heart-touching video of a 40-year old BSF jawan spread like a forest fire on social media platform, especially at Facebook. Tej Bahadur Yadav, a member of 29 Battalion made it to the tabloids yester night when he shared his message with the Indian public. The BSF jawan blames higher authority, mainly the defence officers who misuse the funds allotted by the Centre. This is what he shared in the video.

    BSF Jawan’s Message to the PM

    “One burnt parantha (Indian bread) served with a glass of tea. No jam, no butter, no pickle, nothing. Boiled lentils cooked in turmeric and salt, no seasoning, not even cumin or onion or garlic added to it…”, says the BSF Jawan in his Facebook Video.

    “Can a malnourished soldier do his duty in such conditions”, he asks sorrowfully. “I don’t know what will happen to me after this. But, I request the Indian public to share this video as much as possible. Take our message to the Indian government. Jai Hind”.

    Tej Bahadur made this request while looking straight into the camera yesterday. That’s not all! The soldier filmed 3 consecutive videos where he shared the plight of Indian army soldiers struggling in the bitterly cold frontlines of J&K. They’re being subjected to starvation and poor quality food, as per the soldier’s revelation. Sometimes, the food his cooked in dark and dingy surroundings with no natural light.

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    In other video, he says that the entire battalion works hard from 6 am to 5pm in the morning (that’s 11 rigorous hours) and they’ve to stand throughout their working hours. How can a Jawan perform his duty in these conditions. Further, he claimed that many soldiers often go to bed on an empty stomach.

    He doesn’t blame the government for this negligence. He says that the government store is always full and the Centre provides everything to the defence wing. However, it’s the officers in charge of the store that misuse the funds and resources for their selfish gain.

    As soon as BSF jawan news went viral on the social networks, Home Minister Rajnath Singh immediately ordered an investigation in this matter.

    Minister of State for Home Kiren Riiiju expressed his concern in this regard. The BSF Jawan news came as a surprise for him, as the soldiers looked healthy and satisfied in his last visit.

    Nevertheless, the ministry said they’ll investigate this matter thoroughly. Glitches and negligence on the part of officers will be dealt with firmly.

    After the Jawan posted these videos, he has been shifted from the LoC to the main headquarters of the 29 Battalion in Poonch. All the soldiers appointed there will be questioned regarding this matters.

    While the entire nation expresses their anger since BSF jawans get bad quality food, the BSF high command comes up with a fact of its own. As per the higher officers, the soldier was court-martialed 4 years back for assaulting his superiors. Nevertheless, he was re-appointed ‘on compassionate grounds’.

    In any case, the video has stirred up fresh controversies in the country. At present, the centre is conducting thorough investigation in this matter. The Centre has assured that the guilty will be punished.

    Watch Here the Video of IG Officer Respond to BSF Jawan’s Video


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