Behind every rich man, there is a woman (a sister in this case though); Mayawati exposed as an epitome


Mayawati outshines his brother’s fortune through perfidy, raises it to $206 lakhs in her tenure.

Mayawati is one lady polician who has doled out more money from the state treasury to secure a lavish lifestyle, than she has spent on the welfare of the people. And rightly so. I mean who gets a 30 crore opulent jacquizi built to ornate her washroom at home. If she could spend just half the amount she spent on herself, people of UP would have been endowed with a galaxy of amenities, and also perhaps endure massive prosperity.

The UP ex-chief is already immersed into so much wealth (of public, though!), that she dispersed humungous financial gains to his brother, Anand Kumar. Kumar is not a public figure, neither is he politically active or involved in any sort of scam. But by reports and data, it is suggested that his wealth has grown manifold between 2007 to 2014, when his sister was at the helm of UP affairs.

When Mayawati was chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, Kumar’s net worth rose from nearly Rs 7.5 crore to a whopping Rs 1,316 crore.

Times Now is in possession of income tax probe details which indicate a clear paper trail of round tripping through shell companies, camouflaging zillion crore loans and unbelievable real estate investments.

The first case of alleged round tripping is that of Aakriti Hotels Pvt Ltd, a company in which Kumar is a major player through debenture shareholdings.

Aakriti Hotels is a Delhi-based company which, as per records with the Registrar of Companies, has three directors and over 37 equity shareholders, but not all of them seem legitimate. Some of the firms listed as their shareholders are shell companies which have no real existence, whatsoever.

Three different companies, Bhaskar Fund Mangement Ltd, Clifton Pearson Export and Agencies, Delton Exim Pvt Ltd, Ganga Builders Ltd have a combined equity investment of 5,00,150 shares in Aakriti hotels.

When deep probing was undertaken, it was revealed that there was no brick-and mortar structure at any of the locations. Other shareholders of Aakriti Hotels, like Novelty Traders Pvt Ltd, Haribol market among many others followed the suit too. Novelty traders has 27,000 shares in Aakriti Hotels.


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