BSF Jawan Audio Goes Viral: Comparing Himself with Bhagat Singh, BSF Jawan Demands CBI Probe


    BSF Jawan Video that went viral on Facebook yesterday, sparked a raging controversy all over the country. JawanTej Bahadur’s statements raised numerous questions regarding the quality of food being served to soldiers appointed in J&K. After the Home Ministry instructed an enquiry in this matter, the said BSF soldier was shifted to his battalion, where he released an audio this Tuesday. In this audio, the Jawan claimed to have surpassed the legendary revolutionary Bhagat Singh by exposing the corrupt nature of the Armed forces.

    Contents of the BSF Jawan Goes Viral: Social Media Divided on their Opinions

    “Jo Bomb Bhagat Singh ne nahiphoda, womainephoddiya. Aur ab main peechchhenahihatunga”, he said in his audio chip that was uploaded by several news websites yesterday.

    In this 2.15 minutes audio clip, the soldier says that the officers might subject him to enquiry and disciplinary action, but he won’t back down if his move benefits thousands of other soldiers. Seeing it as an act of sacrifice, the Jawan is hopeful that the Facebook users will carry his message forward to millions of people in the country, including the Indian government.

    The last video posted by him on Facebook resulted in the Defence ministry slamming him for revealing Indian checkpoints. Moreover, according to the Ministry, the soldiers are forbidden to use Facebook or phone on duty. This raises serious questions at his sincerity.

    Putting a stop at all these allegations, the Jawanreleased this audio clip yester night. In the audio clip, he said that if he wasn’t sincere enough, why was he rewarded by the government for his gallantry acts in past.

    Upon learning that the Inspector General of J&K BSF DK Upadhyay has ordered a court of inquiry for investigation, Yadav has expressed his dissatisfaction regarding this. He said he had no faith in BSF inquiry therefore, he requested either NIA or CBI probe for investigation of corruption.

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    The BSF Jawan said that about 60-70 lakh people have already watched his video. This is first time that a soldier’s message has received an overwhelming response from the netizens all over the world. He sincerely hopes that India is finally waking up.

    Meanwhile, some BSF officials have reported that they weren’t aware of this new audio clip. Some of them have denied all the allegations put forth by Yadav. A few anonymous army men have reported that BSF officers sell off Indian army’s ration to civilians at double and triple prices. This has confused the netizens further because they don’t know who to trust.

    Nevertheless, with the Centre’s intervention in this matter, there are chances that truth will come out in the public light and the guilty will be punished.

    BSF Jawan Tegbahadur Yadav’s Viral Audio: 


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