After MJSA Phase I Came To Fruition, Raje Government Is All Set To Form A Versatile Rajasthan With Phase II of the Campaign


In the sand state of the country, Mukhya Mantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan (MJSA) was brought by CM Vasundhara Raje with a vision to make the state water-sufficient. In order to restore the lush greenery of the state villages, Raje government has successfully completed the phase one of the scheme and has just started with phase two of the programme.

With holding 342 lac hectare area, Rajasthan is the largest state in the country. Among all natural resources, Rajasthan lacks in moisture the most which makes it the driest state. To fight with these prevailing water challenges, Mukhyamantri Jal Swavlamban Abhiyan was introduced in early 2016.

The phase of the campaign covered 3,529 villages under its shelter. A prominent sum of Rs. 1,192 crores was spent during the first phase. The money was the contribution of thousands of state people.

After the accomplishment of first phase, substantial benefits of MJSA came into existence such as the boost in underground water levels.


After the completion of prosperous 6 months:

  • The reservoirs are packed with 11,170 million cubic feet water.
  • the first phase of MJSA gave 94,000 reservoirs, with 95% water level.
  • The water levels got upgraded by 15 feet

If we talk about the benefits to livelihood and people, 45 lakh animals and 41 lakh people experienced the fortune of storage of rainwater in johads, tanks and baawdis.

The state government is intending to accomplish the 2nd phase with similar or even better outcomes. During the 2nd phase of the campaign, raje government will hopefully cover 66 cities and 42,000 cities.

With making below announcements, raje government has made clear that with progressing phases, MJSA is getting more better.

  • A sum of Rs. 3 crore and 70 lakh will be used for the formation of Parvan lift dam renovation. With this, an increased supply of irrigation water is expected.
  • Also, a sum of Rs. 2 crore will be allotted for the formation of Gaurav path which will join Tulsa to other nearby cities.
  • In honour of martyr rajkal Meena, a new school will be started in Tulsa.
  • Tulsa will also get water from 2.10-kilometer deep pond. The pond will be made to make use of rainwater and will benefit Tulsa and nearby villages.
  • Apart from that, restoration of water reservoirs will also be attempted. Also, plantation of peepal tree will be initiated bear ponds.
  • Phase II of MJSA will earn the prosperity from many individuals. Many organisations like Adani power plant, Chhabra power plant, Maharishi Marandeshwar University trust and Rajasthan renewable energy corporation have made the contributions of total Rs. 6 crore, 35 lakh.

MJSA II phase will not be an end to the journey of building an affluent Rajasthan. With carrying a dream of powerful and self-dependent state, MJSA phase II will work with a versatile approach of building a green and opportunity yielding Rajasthan.


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